September 2019 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore September 2019 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

September 2019

The “Rescue” of Spanish Prisoners in Rosario, Batangas by American Soldiers in 1900

In a much earlier article, Batangas History already featured the capture and looting of the then-town of Lipa 1 in 1900 by forces of the Un...

Batangas History 27 Sep, 2019

A Chronology of Guerrilla Activities in Alitagtag, Batangas in WWII

From a memorandum 1 dated 6 March 1946 written by one 1 st Lieutenant Patricio M. Abu, addressed to the Chief of the United States Armed F...

Batangas History 21 Sep, 2019

When the Japanese Massacred Bauan’s Male Population in 1945

Bauan, late February 1945. It had been a month since the United States 8 th Army had landed virtually unopposed in Nasugbu to support the ...

Batangas History 17 Sep, 2019

Why the Capital of Batangas Moved from Taal to Batangas in 1754

In 1754, the seat of the provincial government or the capital of Batangas was in the municipality of Taal. Not the present location of Taal...

Batangas History 16 Sep, 2019

A Bauan Native’s 1945 Escape from Certain Death at the Hands of the Japanese

By March 1945, Allied liberation forces led by the United States Army had left their coop in Nasugbu, where the 8 th Army had landed late i...

Batangas History 12 Sep, 2019