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May 2020

WWII Batangas: Forced Cotton Planting and Civilian Hunger

Among the common themes related to World War II in Batangas found in the so-called “historical data” required by the administration of Presi...

Batangas History 31 May, 2020

A 1920 Biography of Apolinario Mabini

From a 1920 publication entitled “Prose Selections” of the Department of Public Instruction and Bureau of Education, we extract this easy to...

Batangas History 24 May, 2020

How Mount Batulao Got Its Name – a Folkloric Story

At the border between the provinces of Batangas and Cavite rises an inactive volcano called Mount Batulao. It has an elevation of 2,274 fee...

Batangas History 23 May, 2020

The Beginnings of “Kapeng Barako’s” Association with Batangas

Fact 1: Mention “kapeng barako” (Spanish: café verraco 1 ) and most people immediately think of the province of Batangas. This is despite ...

Batangas History 19 May, 2020

Guerrilla Groups that Operated in Batangas in WWII

Guerrilla groups that were formed and operated in the years of the Japanese occupation of the Philippines from early 1942 to mid-1945 played...

Batangas History 10 May, 2020

“At the Capture of Rosario:” an Account of the US Army’s 1900 Incursion into Batangas

This article contains a transcription of an article that appeared in a 12 January 1900 issue of “The American 1 ,” an English-language newsp...

Batangas History 6 May, 2020