Establishment of the Municipality of Laiya by the San Juan PQOG, February 1945 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Establishment of the Municipality of Laiya by the San Juan PQOG, February 1945 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Establishment of the Municipality of Laiya by the San Juan PQOG, February 1945

The President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas (PQOG) was a guerrilla organization which fought the Japanese in World War II. The guerrilla outfit was among those that operated in Southern Luzon, including Batangas. It had many units in the province, one of which was in the eastern Batangas town of San Juan. In this undated document1, the creation of the Municipality of Laiya from the erstwhile barrio, with the support of the San Juan Unit of the PQOG, was announced.

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Guerrilla Files



1. Whereas, the barrio of Laiya, which is almost free from Japanese domination, is very far from the Poblacion of San Juan, Batangas;

2. Whereas, it is the intention of the High Command of the 5thInf. Division to help and allow the people of Laiya to run their own local government;

3. Whereas, it is also the intention of this GHQ of the PQOG to give the people of Laiya a voice in the selection of the temporary officials for the different offices;

II. Therefore (1) it is being announced that the Barrio of Laiya is now organized as a new municipality with the following barrios under its jurisdiction (a) Bulsa (b) Baluarte (c) Ibabao (d) Bataan (e) Coloconto (f) Subuquin (g) Nagsaulay and (h) Calubcub 1o. and 2o.

III. Whereas, in the conference between the Barrio Lieutenants of the abovementioned barrios and the GHQ representative of the PQOG held on the 16th day of February, 1945 in Laiya, the following were agreed upon, viz:

1. That the following were to be elected as Municipal Officials through direct vote of the Barrio Lieutenants and Auxiliary Barrio Lieutenants and the representatives of the PQOG: (a) Mayor (b) Vice-Mayor (c) Four (4) Councilors.

2. That the following officials are to be appointed by the elected Mayor with the advice and counsel of the GHQ of the PQOG: (a) Justice of the Peace (b) Municipal Health Officer (c) Chief of Police and (d) Ten (10) Policemen.

3. And that a de-officio councilor is to be appointed by the GHQ as its representative councilor of the PQOG.

IV. Whereas, the following officials were elected:

1. Mayor – Medardo S. Mercado
2. Vice-Mayor – Ciriaco Z. Jara
3. Councilors:
(1) Santiago Babao
(2) Leopoldo Isabela
(3) Felipe Moraleja
(4) Beato Macaraig

V. Whereas, the following officials were appointed:

1. Justice of the Peace – Atty. Arsenio Lopez
2. Health Officer – Dr. Ambrosio Macalintal
3. Chief of Police – Angel Luistro
4. The ten policemen are to be appointed on the first meeting of the council.


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1. Regular sessions are to be held on the 1st and 16th of every monthy.

2. Special sessions are to be called upon the discretion of the Mayor.


1. The following rules are to be observed immediately:

a. The police force will be under the direct supervision of the Military Police Office of the PRESIDENT QUEZON’S OWN GUERRILLAS.

b. All evacuees, except those agreed upon by the elected officials as guaranteed by the old residents, are to be concentrated in a certain evacuation center.

c. Matters concerning “rondas” will be paid more attention. A memorandum and guide will be furnished by the GHQ of the PQOG.

d. The direction and control of the “rondas” are duties bestowed upon the Police Department.


1. Santiago Babao:
a. Laiya II
b. Ibabao
2. Leopoldo Isabela
a. Subuquin
b. Bulsa
c. Coloconto
3. Felipe Moraleja
a. Baluarte
b. Bataan
4. Meato Makaraig
a. Calubcob 1o.
b. Calubcob 2o.
5. Ciriaco Jara
a. Laiya (Poblacion)
6. Fernando S. de Villa
a. De-officio Councilor (Representative of the PQOG).

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1. Present in the meeting were as follows:
a. Brigadier General Andres D. Umali, Commanding Officer of the 5th Infantry Division, who presided over the meeting.
b. Lieut. Col. Emilio Bolaños, Regimental Commander of the San Juan Regiment.
c. Major Fernando S. de Villa, Regimental S-3, San Juan Regiment.
d. Barrio Lieutenants and Second Barrio Lieutenants of the barrios under the jurisdiction of the New Municipality.
2. Brig. Gen Andres D. Umali gave an opening address which was followed by remarks of Lieut. Col. Emilio Bolaños before the meeting commenced.
3. After the meeting, the barrio lieutenants were sworn in an Oath of Allegiance of the Men of the PQOG in the presence of the abovementioned General.
4. Those present in the meeting were as follows:
1. Fabian Villanueva – Barrio Lieutenant of Ibabao Barrio
2. Gregorio Samarita – Outstanding Man of Ibabao Barrio
3. Leopoldo Isabela – Outstanding Man of Bataan Barrio
4. Felix Sandro – Barrio Lieutenant of Bataan Barrio
5. Felipe Moraleja – Outstanding Man of Baluarte Barrio
6. Pedro Canuel – Barrio Lieutenant of Baluarte Barrio
7. Estanislao Peradilla – Barrio Lieutenant of Subuquin Barrio
8. Sixto Tanyag – Barrio Lieutenant of 2o. Subuquin Barrio
9. Primo Salagubang – Barrio Lieutenant of Calubcob 1o. Barrio
10. Herminio Maralit – Barrio Lieutenant of 2o. Calubcob 1o. Barrio
11. Pablo Ilao – Barrio Lieutenant of Calubcob 2o. Barrio
12. Fausto Goc [Goce?] – Barrio Lieutenant of 2o. Calubcob Barrio
13. Felix Luistro – Barrio Lieutenant 2o. Bulsa Barrio
14. Lucio Rosales – Barrio Lieutenant of Bulsa Barrio
15. Gavino de Chavez – Barrio Lieutenant of 2o. Coloconto Barrio
16. Angel Luistro – Outstanding Man of Bulsa Barrio
17. Eusebio Valdez – Barrio Lieutenant of Laiya II Barrio
18. Ciriaco Jara – Oustanding Man of Laiya II Barrio
19. Amando Fabul – Outstanding Man of Laiya II Barrio
After the signing of the abovementioned men in the Oath of Allegiance, it was agreed that the Laiya Municipality will be inaugurated on the 16th of February, 1945.

[Handwritten] Witnesseth:

[Sgd.] Andres D. Umali
[Handwritten] Brig. Gen.

Notes and references:
1 “1ST BN, SAN JUAN REGT., I CORPS, PQOG,” File No. 271-21, downloaded from PVAO.
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