February 15, 2019

Research Materials

This page contains links to many first- and second-hand resource materials which are downloadable in various digital formats (.pdf, .jpg, .txt, .epub etc.) and will be extremely useful to researchers of Philippine History in general and Batangas History in particular.

To learn how to properly cite digital resources, please read this guide:
A Citation Guide for Digital Resources
If you do not have a PDF reader yet installed, follow this link to the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Batangas Historical Data (National Library of the Philippines)
These are the links to city/town and barrio history and folklore for Batangas. The files are viewable online using a web browser (in .pdf and .jpg formats). To download, simply right-click each page and choose the "Save as" option. If you wish to compile the documents together, you will need to download PDF converter and/or merger software.
Below are links to resources that contain information about the Province of Batangas, some Batangas-specific and others that are not but contain information that may be useful to researchers about the province, nonetheless.
Spanish Era Resources
Phil-American War Resources
American Era Resources
World War II Resources
Post-war Resources
Notable Batangas Personalities and Families
The Philippine Islands (Project Gutenberg, Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson)
The Blair and Robertson series is a must-see for serious researchers of Philippine History because they contain compilations of first-hand documents translated into English with annotations where necessary. References to Batangas are few and far between, however, and patience is advised when looking for these.
International Archives with Digital Materials
Below are links to international sites that have downloadable digital content about the Philippines in General and Batangas in particular.