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[CULTURE: Food] History and Origin of Batangas Lomi

“Lomi” is just one of many noodle dishes called pancit (alternatively spelled, pansit ) that have become part of Filipino cuisine. The w...

Batangas History 28 Jun, 2024

Gruesome Tales of Massacres in Lipa and Santo Tomas as Told by Survivors

By February 1945, Allied forces led by the United States Army were already well on their way to liberating the island of Luzon from Japane...

Batangas History 6 Jun, 2024

[Culture] Banana Cue and Turon as They Used to be Called in Batangas

Banana-cue is one of the Filipinos’ most understated culinary inventions and, to the present day, a ubiquitous street food. It is easy to...

Batangas History 5 Jun, 2024

[Culture] The Famous Lechon Parade in Balayan, Batangas

The town of Balayan on the western coast of the Province of Batangas is one of the province’s oldest; and history tells us that Balayan wa...

Batangas History 29 May, 2024

Lipa’s New City Museum in Photos

The city of Lipa has a relatively new museum to showcase its rich heritage from the pre-Hispanic period up to the present. It was opened o...

Batangas History 30 Apr, 2024

What Ended Lipa's 19th Century Coffee Boom

There has been a lot of discussion in this site already about Lipa’s late 19 th century coffee boom, which earned the then-town the title...

Batangas History 21 Apr, 2024

Why Passenger Train Service in Batangas was Discontinued in 1940 and 1941

Passenger train service has been in existence in the Philippines way back to the Spanish Colonial era. However, when the Americans took o...

Batangas History 16 Apr, 2024

The Power of the Clergy in Late 19th Century Batangas as Told by a Citizen of Lipa, Batangas

Everyone who was at one time or the other a student of Philippine History knows that among the reasons for the Philippine Revolution was t...

Batangas History 14 Apr, 2024