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[Photo] US Army Troops on the Road to Lipa, Batangas

Image credit: United States National Archives and Records Administration Digital Library From the United States National Archives and Reco...

Batangas History 30 Nov, 2023

The Power of the Clergy in Late 19th Century Batangas as Told by a Citizen of Lipa, Batangas

Everyone who was at one time or the other a student of Philippine History knows that among the reasons for the Philippine Revolution was th...

Batangas History 25 Nov, 2023

[Culture] The Famous Lechon Parade in Balayan, Batangas

The town of Balayan on the western coast of the Province of Batangas is one of the province’s oldest; and history tells us that Balayan was...

Batangas History 18 Nov, 2023

Photos of Taal, Batangas Early in the American Colonial Era

The photos below were digitally extracted from an article published in the October 1903 edition of the Journal of the United States Cavalry...

Batangas History 8 Nov, 2023

The First Filipina Maryknoll Sister was from Lipa, Batangas

Readers who live in or close to the City of Lipa in the Province of Batangas will be well aware of the existence of the school called Canos...

Batangas History 1 Nov, 2023

Aerial Photographs of Batangas January 1945, Possibly Military Reconnaissance

In this page are selected aerial photographs taken of the province of Batangas in January 1945 and recently released (2023) by the United S...

Batangas History 26 Oct, 2023

Museo ng Batangas, a Grand Showcase of Batangas History

At the “People’s Mansion” inside the grounds of the Batangas Provincial Capitol, is a museum that serves as a standing reminder of the glor...

Batangas History 25 Aug, 2023

Brigido Morada, the Batangueño Intellectual Sent Into Exile by the Spanish Colonial Government

Heading west from the city center or “poblacion” of Lipa City in the Province of Batangas, into an adjoining barrio called Mataasnalupa, is...

Batangas History 26 Jun, 2023