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Historical Documents on Guerrilla Movements in Batangas

This page is part of the section on historical World War II documents. It contains links to transcriptions of various documents related to the different guerrilla units that operated in Batangas in World War II, regardless of whether these were officially recognized by the United States Army or not. This vast collection of documents include communications to and from the United States Army and the guerrilla groups themselves, attack orders, intelligence reports, reports on investigations and many more. The transcriptions are separated by guerrilla groups for the reader's or researcher's convenience. Because of the sheer number of documents, not all are included from each compilation; instead, only those deemed essential by Batangas History, Culture and Folklore to be essential to create a descriptive history of each guerrilla unit.

Before going into the numerous guerrilla documents provided in this page, readers and researchers are advised to get an overview about the guerrilla movement in Batangas during the Japanese occupation leading to the liberation by reading this excerpt from a declassified booklet published by the United States Army:  Guerrillas in South Central Luzon by the United States Army.

This page is an ongoing project and transcriptions are still being added periodically.