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Col. Jay D. Vanderpool's Documents

Col. Jay D. Vanderpool of the United States Army was the Liaison Officer personally sent by General Douglas MacArthur from Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) Command to Luzon in 1944 to prepare the island for the Allied invasion. Vanderpool coordinated guerrilla activities in Southern Luzon and was based in Nasugbu just before the landing of the United States Eighth Army on the beaches of Nasugbu, Batangas on 31 January 1945.
A comprehensive profile on Vanderpool is provided in this article: Jay D. Vanderpool: the Officer who Unified Guerrillas in Batangas, Cavite and Laguna.
References to Vanderpool appear in just about every file of guerrilla organizations that operated in Batangas. To help researchers and World War II enthusiasts understand the guerrilla movement in Batangas, transriptions of some of Vanderpool's documents are compiled in this page.
Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool
Left: Col. Vanderpool. Image credit:  ARSOF History. Right: Filipino soldiers being inspected. Image credit: US National Archives.

Transcriptions of Jay D. Vanderpool Documents

  1. Attack Orders from Jay D. Vanderpool on the Eve of the Nasugbu Landing 
  2. Communications between Vanderpool and PHILRYCOM on the 2nd Regt Nasugbu FAIT 
  3. Instructions from Vanderpool on Registration of Vehicles Issued thru Adevoso, Feb 45 
  4. Letter of Instruction from Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool to Luis Licopa, December 1944
  5. Letter from Jay Vanderpool re Rainbow Regiment, with Recommendation Oct 47 
  6. Memo from Major Vanderpool to the Laurel's Regiment, December 1944
  7. Memo Template for Designating Guerrilla Camps as Relay Stations 
  8. Memo to Guerrilla Commanders on Induction into the Philippine Army, February 1945
  9. Vanderpool Document on the Attachment of Guerrillas to US Army Units 
  10. Vanderpool's Letter of Instructions to Quintin Gellidon, January 1945 
  11. Vanderpool's Letters to Juan Villegas, CG-PHILRYCOM on the 3rd Bn Nasugbu-FAIT 
  12. Vanderpool’s Letter to CG PHILRYCOM on Calixto Gasilao’s Claims, September 1947 
  13. Vanderpool's Letter to CG-PHILRYCOM on the Hunters-ROTC Guerrillas, August 47 
  14. Vanderpool’s Letter to Lt. Grant Wilcox on the Merits of Guerrilla Claims 
  15. Vanderpool’s Letter to Major Calixto Gasilao, July 1948 
  16. Vanderpool's Letter to Marcelino Enriquez of the 2nd Regt, Nasugbu-FAIT, Aug 47 
  17. Vanderpool's Memo Disseminating Instructions from GHQ-SWPA to Loyal Guerrillas, Jan 45 
  18. Vanderpool's Memo Introducing Quintin Gellidon to Guerrilla Leaders, December 1944 
  19. Vanderpool's Memo Relaying Commendation after Los Baños POW Camp Raid, February 1945 
  20. Vanderpool's Memo Requiring Organizational Reports from Guerrilla Groups, March 1945 
  21. Vanderpool's Memo to CG-PHILRYCOM on the Services of Eduardo Villadolid, Rainbow Regt, June 47 
  22. Vanderpool’s Recommendation for an Army Commission for Terry Adevoso, March 45 
  23. Vanderpool's Response to Capt. George Smith on Alfredo Joya's Claims, Oct 46 
  24. Vanderpool's Special Orders Announcing Staff of the General Guerrilla Command, Feb 45