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Chronological Record of Activities of the Ibaan Regiment

The Ibaan Regiment was one of many units of the Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT), a large guerrilla group founded by the former US Army officer Hugh Straughn, that was operating in Batangas during the Japanese Occupation. It was commanded by one Sixto Guerra. In this document1 is provided a chronological report of activities of the Ibaan Regiment, likely prepared to support the unit’s application for recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States.

Guerrilla Files

of the
“IBAAN REGIMENT,” Fil-American
Batangas Grlas.

Inclusive Dates Activities
January - March Organization & Assignment.
April - June Collection of arms; training in intelligence work & reporting
July - September Intelligence work (submitted to the Hqs of Col Hugh Straughn & dissemination of anti-Japanese propaganda
October - December Continued intelligence & and propaganda work, but Col Straughn having been captured, we contacted Manila Hqs of the Fil-Americans
January -  Received from Col Tom Myers, Manila Hqs a transmitter with operating crew of 12 men which we used in relaying messages to Mindoro & Panay
February - March Intensive campaigns against Jap espionage; counter-balancing enemy efforts to win over the Filipinos to collaborate with them, attacking Jap patrols & Jap PC patrols.
April - May Our Commanding Officer, Lt Col Jorge Espina, having been captured & killed by Japs with Col Myers, our transmitter, its operating crew & other staff & junior officers & and men, operated as independent unit
June - July We made contact with Col Umali, PQOG, & Major Anderson
August - September Collection of more arms, counter-propaganda, active patrol duty & hampering enemy's war efforts by prohibiting people from cooperating with Japs in any manner & recruiting for total emergency
October - November Intensive military training; intelligence work (now thru Mindoro); active patrolling & aided in rescue of American fliers who bailed out in Batangas sector
December - Open attacks on isolated Jap patrols & positions; intelligence work (thru arrangements with ROTC officers under Major Jay D. Vanderpool)
January - General preparation for total emergency; active patrolling and aided in orderly evacuation [of] civilians from possible combat zones; intelligence work (to Mindoro) & open attacks on Jap patrols & raiding parties
February - Reported to General Grla Hqs at Tagaytay & Nasugbu, Batangas, received supply ammunition & brought intelligence, strength & other reports thereto
March 12 - Attached to 158th Regimental Combat Team in its operation in the Batangas sector
March 18 - Attached to 11th Airborne Division (188th Para-Glider Infantry)
July - Reported to Camp Murphy for processing

N. B.

For brevity, the activities herein above described are in the form of generalities. It should be stated also that throughout the existence of this guerrilla unit, its objectives set forth in an order issued 1 July 1943, by our CO have not been lost sight of; neither have we deviated from the provisions of [the] Commonwealth Constitution in the attainment of such objectives. Our unit subsisted from voluntary contributions of Officers & Civilians. This unit established the provisional civil government in Ibaan, Batangas, before its total liberation by the U S Forces. For a detailed account of our activities during our attachment, please see the files of the Grla Hqs.
Captain Inf
Commanding Officer
Notes and references:
1 “Ibaan Rgt Fil-Amer Batangas Guerrillas FAIT,” File No. 110-6, downloaded from PVAO.
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