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Cornejo's Appeal for Reconsideration of Non-Recognition of Malvar Guerrillas, March 1947

The President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas (PQOG) was a guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon, including Batangas, during the Japanese occupation. The organization had many units in Batangas Province, including the Municipality of Malvar. In this municipality, the unit was formed and commanded by one Wenceslao Cornejo. In this document1, Cornejo, through channels, wrote to the Commanding General of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command appealing the non-favorable decision on the Malvar Guerrilla Forces’ application for official recognition.

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March 31, 1947

The Commanding General
Philippines Ryukyus Command
Apo 707

S i r :

I have the honor to appeal from the decision rendered by your office dated February 8, 1947, addressed to the undersigned, regarding the non-recognition of the “Malvar Guerrilla Forces, PQOG,” of which he is the overall commander, reference to be made with your records marked GSCPU 091 P I / 197.

Attached herewith is the original affidavit executed by 122 residents of the Municipality of Malvar, Province of Batangas, which is self-explanator.

I beg to point out that this appeal is being made not for my own personal interest because I do not need to [be] paid for the services which I rendered for a gallant, democratic, and noble cause, but for those of my men who were left impoverished by the ravages of the last war and for the families of those who fought and died in anticipation that somehow, they would be protected and taken care of.
Information as to the activities and existence of the aforementioned Guerrilla Forces may also be had from Joe F. Smith, Auburn, Illinois, Edmund E. Jennings, 2020 Welch Boulevard, Flint, Michigan, Lt. Robert P. Pierpont, c/o Adjutant General, Washington D. C., and

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James J. Kraus 615 South 13th Street, Escanaba, Michigan, the four American fliers mentioned in the affidavit, who were found by some of my men on the outskirts of the town, almost dying from hunger and sickness, and who were taken care of by us at the risk of our own lives. They will remember, if they are still alive, the personal services of my Major, Victor Malabanan, as well as those whose names they may not remember anymore, but whose memory shall remain with them. I do not want to indulge, Sir, in idealisms and sentimentalisms, but if your decision may be reconsidered, thousands of people, many of whom are either famished or impoverished today, will be deeply grateful to you.
Anticipating the pleasure of your kind attention to this matter Sir, I remain

Very respectfull yours



Notes and references:

1 “Malvar Grla Forces, I Corps, PQOG,” File No. 271-27, downloaded from PVAO.

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