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Communications Between Morada and PHILRYCOM Re Status of Mataasnalupa Guerrillas

The Mataasnalupa Guerrilla Unit was supposedly a small guerrilla outfit operating in the then-municipality of Lipa during the Japanese Occupation of Batangas up to the liberation of the province. It was commanded by one Julian Morada. This unit failed to obtain official recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States. In this page1 are contain two communications between Morada and one Captain R. E. Cantrell of the United States Army regarding the status of Morada’s guerrilla unit.

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[Originally handwritten]

Guerrilla Affairs

City of Lipa
March 1, 1948

Manila, Philippines


I heard 1 day ago that almost all unrecognized guerrilla units, rosters of which had been submitted to your office, had been given recognition with the exception of very few units. In this connection, I wish to be informed if Mataasnalupa Guerrilla Unit (091 PI) is now one of those recognized. If it is so, may I be furnished insurance application blank forms for eleven members of the unit who had been killed in [the] line of duty by Japs?

Yours very respectfully,

[Sgd.] Julian A. Morada

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[Response from PHILRYCOM]


GSCPU 091 PI APO 707
3 APR 1948

Mr. Julian A. Morada
City of Lipa, Batangas

Dear Mr. Morada:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter, dated 1 March 1948, requesting the status of the Mataas na Lipa Guerrilla Unit.

The request for recognition of this unit was not favorably considered by this headquarters on 21 June 1946. After extensive investigation and full consideration of all substantiating evidence submitted by this unit and a careful analysis of all other available information of the military activities of the unit from its inception, scrutinized in relation to the overall resistance movement, it was determined that the unit failed to fulfill the requirements of our constant guerrilla recognition criterion used in the consideration of all claimant guerrilla units. A letter to this effect was sent to you at Lipa, Batangas.


Capt. AGD
Asst Adj Gen

Lt Col Wallace M. Hanes:

Basic, ltr fr Mr. Julian A. Moradato CG PHILRYCOM dtd 1 March 48, requesting the status of the Mataas na Lupa Guerrilla Unit.

1st Lt George E. Kemper

Concur: Capt E. R. Curtis, Chief, Unit Branch

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1 “The Mataasnalupa Guerrilla Unit,” online at the United States National Archives.

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