Miscellaneous Batangas Guerrilla Communications Set II - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Miscellaneous Batangas Guerrilla Communications Set II - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Miscellaneous Batangas Guerrilla Communications Set II

The Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) was a large guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon during the Japanese occupation during World War II up to the liberation of the Philippines. The organization was founded by the retired American Army officer Hugh Straughn and had units in many localities in Luzon, including Batangas. The GHQ Batangas Force, purportedly founded by one Jorge Espina, who was subsequently killed by the Japanese, was one of the units who sought recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the United States Armed Forces. In this page are contained a second set of communications1 between members of the guerrilla unit, with writers and addressees in code.

Guerrilla Files

[p. 1]


Dear V-8:

1. With deepest regret to inform you that Sebio Cle has passed to the great beyond. The incident was unexpected but could not have been otherwise. However, D-1 is raising funds for the widow. May he R.I.P.

2. Ur guy Olaol is reported by D-1 as on way towards Estong’s camp armed and pls advise him to stick to that place or go further and not to contact any of us here in town. B-1 was informed accordingly. Doing something for his family.

3. Pls be on alert with the men you have all the time. Rumors are prevalent here that one [of] your men there now with you is a spy. Be careful. I have no doubts about your own men. But it is never out of order to be cautious with them. Especially so, when at this time when there is a high price for your apprehension.

4. FLASH: Czechoslovakia is reported having a revolution within.

5. Reminding you about a “souvenir” for D-5. Preferably small caliber. O.K. will wait.

6. Fu Mancu VIVO again here in town extends his best of regards to you and advises you to be very careful with all your dealings.

7. My regards and prayers for VICTORY.


[p. 2]

September 1943

Dearest V-8:

Here in camp this morning, but unfortunately, you were out. Know V-1 and I were after Salazar and gang in Taal when your note of [the] 17th came to hand. Of course, I am so sorry about that case concerning the fatal death of Captain Clemeño. The reason is very obvious, ‘coz he was shot by men who must PAY. Orders from you are much awaited for. I was somewhat surprised to know that the blame will befall on us, PC. This police force what to save their neck that is why they are not taking the bit [bait?]. Please investigate what kind of bullets killed Captain Clemeño. The Doc’s autopsy clearly explains the mystery. Mayor Perez must also explain why he ordered his men to spot him. We want this to be absolutely dearly paid. Oweng and I can help the men do the job. Japs will also get the PRIZE ]price?]. This zonification must not be considered. It hinders us to play the game. Why... it is a grading defect, because they are abusing us. Never mind such warning of being zonified. We are not fools to be always on their benefit. How about us? When we are in danger they could not do a bit to save our necks. Instead, they are cooping us behind-back. LET US BE THE BOSS!!!

Yesterday, Oweng and I were in the 4th. Men over there were in confusion, because they were informed that you were TURNING IN. One by one, they came to me asking the reasons why. How could you explain if it is really true? Herewith is the letter of D-4, informing you the danger to your life if you get in the nest. Information from Laurel Jr., you will be cooped out. So, NEVER enter such treacherous compromise. NEVER BE BLUFFED by the FOX.

Well, got to go. So long and receive my best wishes. SUCCESS TO THE DEAREST FAIT. HAPPINESS TO ALL. SAFETY TO EVERYBODY!!!



[p. 3]

[Originally a handwritten note.]

From D-4



So glad to hear from you, and to understand all the situation there, and for your information, none of the members of V-4 entered.

Accident happened once, but our boys are still lucky, one J was winged. I hope you will be glad to understand that the only thing we need are the tools. We are short.

[unreadable word] of yours will be followed very soon. Also, reports will be ready. D-14 understands all. Here, the place is not safe and very clear just yet. I’ll let you know later.

This is all for today and will hope to see you and hear [from] you soon. Best regards.


[p. 4]

[Originally a handwritten note.]

Sept. 12, 1943

Dear V-8:

Give us time to get your .45. If we fail — then it is up to us to check him up. Of course, by chance, I have to grab it by hook or by crook. If Cpl. Cuevas resists — then it is his High Mass.

Anyway, how about Cetong — is he really gone out from the P.C. organization? Please, if you could change his mind — tell him that nothing is going wrong. No suspicion whatsoever for us. Without him here, is really hard for me, ‘coz no confidential man to clear everything. He is ok.

Know I came from Tanauan yesterday and good news for our dearest FAIT 4th Regiment. No members turned in. It is [unreadable] hit, ‘coz Mayor del Pilar is doing good. Officers met me and they are asking your situation. How you get along in the camp. Herewith, they are extending their best wishes, praying for your success and happiness. In that zone. FAIT has a high expectation, especially to big folks.

[p. 5]

So long and always keep ‘em flying.


Be careful — many spies lingering around. Never be so confidential with some members — they might [illegible word] like Col. Straughn. Know they, Japs, get hot about you — never turn in.


If possible, give me [illegible words] with signatures of yours.

[p. 6]

[Originally a handwritten note.]

Sept. 14, 1943

Dear V-8:

I had been planning to contact you when I arrived from Tanauan. To tell you I had been in Sto. Tomas; during the Zoon [zone?], I had been helping the people much, also in Tanauan during the surrender of so many guerrillas. I had been working also with del Pilar & everything is ok. I hope you won’t worry about me. To tell you frankly, I had been waiting for your letter to me, but none. If you are eager to hear from me, the more I am eager to hear from you. Siguro hindi ka na sabik sa akin, siempre susulat ka na gusto mo akong makita, ano?

Pinuntahan ko diyan si Cab at Paquito upang sumurrender ka, kung ako ang iyong tatanuñgin ah huag.

Wala na akong masasabi kundi tuloy, ano? Si Pieto at si Mael ay maraming itinuga. I suggest that the two be eliminated. Mael declared already that he was the one who shot the Mayor of Lobo & that Eulalio was the one who shot Villena. Pieto was the author of all these.

Write your decision to me. I will be writing. Eulalio had just escaped

[p. 7]

now. Have your men ready to defend him, he is a good & brave man.

So long & kisses.


[p. 8]

[Originally a handwritten note.]


Beloved V-8,

The great storm has come — Pecto punched the whole organization. Know he began to tie the knots of death to our dearest FAIT. He squealed that Bulik & Eulalio shot Villena and Panganiban. Bulik is doing good — but this foolish Pecto forced him to tell the whole truth before the Japs. He could not deny, because he was being “uno su [not sure, illegible] dos.” How could he, but with tears, he narrated the whole truth. Eulalio was tied again and punched. Pecto sold the organization — he added to his BLACK LIST of squealing Gutierrez and others.

Never blame Bulik nor Eulalio, they did their best — but due to Pecto, they lost the game. They couldn’t dance with the music.

Now, be careful — Pecto mapped out the locations of your “bases” and hideouts. Very critical and dangerous now — everythings is getting HOT.

Please try your best to remedy this situation, won’t you?

Best wishes to all, especially to you and Cetong.




[p. 9]

[Originally a handwritten note.]

Sept. 3, 1943

Dear V-8:

Know, yesterday, I was absolutely excited, ‘coz Col. Hibe called me in his HQ in Tanauan. Thought everything is in topsy-turvy. Cetong, Talino, and myself were ordered to see him immediately, but Cetong was lost. I don’t know why — no communications from him. Well, the “Cat” was fooled by the “rats.” He thought we are “good” boys — now in plainclothes patrol. But not so much. Something might happen — it is my own discretion. Orders from you are beyond reach — See — what I’m gonna do. I’ll live and die for the dear FAIT. Please, if everything has happened — I want only to keep it secretly, especially from the co-members. In our organization, there is a “BLACK CAT,” it is up to you to investigate and know.

B-12’s .45 confiscated. I could not do nothing. Cuevas is interested to have that pistol. I have lied that it is mine, but still I lost the game. Up to you to take actions.

Pecto a sizzy [sissy?] guy. Squealed that Paquito is hiding firearms. What for?

Me — back to Tanauan with Talino — don’t know what will happen. I see!

Didn’t receive your blank signatures — only note.

So long — God bless you — best wishes. Keep ‘em flying!


[p. 10]


Dear V-8:

1. Rec’d your note the other day yet. Sorry for my inability to make immediate reply. Am quite busy with the independence program.

2. Then you will Meyers with you as soon as arrangements could be pushed thru as they are underway. You will be notified so that you can receive him at some agreed time and place.

3. Was not able to contact Timoy. However, sent him word to advise me when he is ready with his base so that transfer could be immediately effected and you will be advised accordingly.

4. Well, the Hernandez affair might be a good lesson to these people who think we do not mean business or that we have no eyes and ears for their abuses Later, they will understand us well to avoid further disappearance. I think the sooner for the Major to leave this place, the better or else he might find his own province his hell. If he does not change, I think it will be soon that he will regret being in hell. Well, hope for [the] best.

5. FLASH: There is a rumored conference in Spain bet two foreign ministers — Anthony Eden of England and Von Robintropp of Germany. There is also a scheduled confab between Eden, Gen. Marshall c. of s. of U.S. Armed Forces and Stalin of Moscow to discuss on the terms they will ask of Germany. There is a circulated wild rumor of Germany’s fall but do not believe it as it [is] pure propaganda unfounded. No mention of it in radio broadcast.

6. Had talk with B-11 and he told me he will be a police here. However, I am trying to break down to him his responsi-

[p. 11]

bility. Looks like for the present, he prefers to remain inactive.

7. Varino’s 45 is with David Cantos how as I was informed, so that you can have that arms thru him.

Well, regards and prayers for V.


[p. 12]

[number punched out]-16-43

Dear V-8:

1. Contacted Bool already and he told me that he is ready with his base. He will let you know when he could receive whatever arms you have for him as soon as possible.

2. V-2 would like to inform you that there will be Constabulary raiding parties in and near the towns of Ibaan, Rosario, & Taysan. He cautions you to please avoid them. These raids will start Sunday, Oct. 17 and maybe then out the week. Make the necessary announcements for units there and around.

3. FLASH: Landing of Am troops in Celebes accomplished. Tokyo raided again by 10th AC base at China under Gen. Chennault. Mindanao bombed, too. Wake retaken. Germany asking for truce again with Russia but denied.

4. Pres. Laurel will declare amnesty. Gov. Malvar would like to talk with you sometime next week. Pls let me know where you could. Preferably nearer.

Well, regards. Prayers for V.

Sincerely, V-3

[p. 13]

[Originally a handwritten note.]

10 - 15 - 43


1. Pls tell Eding, Modesto got ₱30.00 because he told me Olaol needs cash so I asked Peping Ang to give him.

2. [Illegible name] is still here sporting a 45 cal. with his son with cal. 38.

3. Burog contacts me quite often. Very good of him. He’s getting very interested.

4. Gomez reports he is already at Talumpok. Told him to contact you.

5. Bool not yet contacted. He is not in town. I am very busy now friend. Am resting.

6. Am trying to raise money to cover FAIT debt.

Regards & prayers — V-3

Sorry for the rush.

[p. 14]

[Originally a handwritten note.]

Dear V-8,

Please help in warning people not to tolerate the transfer of palay or rice from without this municipality, for the benefit of the low masses who will, in the end, be the victims of this procedure. I believe this is also one of the aims of our org. and so their office will be very much enlightened for what we consider is our worst headache.
[Sgd.] Angelico

[p. 15]

[Originally a handwritten note.]

10 - 20 -43


Lend me 15 rifles and cal. 22 with a hundred rounds of ammunition each. We are going to start our training [as] soon as possible.

Informing you that there are Japs stationed in Macalamcam since yesterday. According to reports, several men have been concentrated in our chapel. I have a hunch that the raiding party will stay here to make our house a temporary hq. because men who have been there said that they were obliged to clean the house. Besides, two more trucks loaded with Japs arrived last night.

Best regards and prayers for Victory.

Maj. 9-6

[p. 16]

11:05 pm


1. V-3 left for city this morning, so I’m doing the ad lib for him. Undetermined as to his return. The most, in a couple of days.

2. A P.C. officer and some constaboys left this morning for Natunuan, San Jose in search of our Holy Grail (Olaol). The Fiscal (Actg. Gov.), reputedly upon orders of garrison, went to P.C. barracks asking for men to be sent to the place. So, wherever Olaol is, it’s good for him to know that he’s still the most coveted man here of our fine feathered chink-eyed friends.

3. I don’t know how much you know of these news flashes, anyhow, there’s no harm in mentioning them again, just in case: Greece and Jugoslavia have thrown in their hats to play in the game against Hell Hitler. Celebes again bombed with reputed landings, tho quite minor. Bombing of Singapore by 93 planes coming from American airfield in China. Lost 6 in the raid. Massacre of women and children in Naples by Germans. Local papers, too, conspicuously silent on European fronts. Smell something odoriferous in that. Maybe, they’re too hot to print, fear the paper might burn. However, they’re still hollering to the skies, for the past 4 weeks, about the great number of ships the Axis had sunk. Only irony is that they prove too well beyond doubt that the Allies can produce ships faster than they are sunk.

4. Enuff for today. Love and kisses to — never mind!

[Unreadable signature.]

[p. 17]

9-28-43, 11:00 am

Dear V-8:

1. Enclosed under separate cover is let- from a pren of ours as per your request of him.

2. D-6 reports that they have cleared their sector of spies, but expects to meet corresponding replacements. D-5 reports all is quiet in their sector. Cannot contact D-4 as B-14 is not here. He left with Uwing for Manila to be members of Malacañang Residential Guards.

3. Heard some insinuations from Major Manalo that he has employed a man to spy and at present, that man is in your camp, always going with you. He is reputed to have stated that that man is receiving a monthly pay of 100 bucks. Now, what do you think of that? Please be cautious with those men you have, keep on schooling them.

4. It looks like Jap espionage is getting stricter every day. A good number of people from San Jose were apprehended. I just do not know who and another list was set out including those who have surrendered already. The mayor has cleared them out accordingly. Some Bauan people are also being investigated, suspected of being Gs coming from the Visayas. An American is also at the high school being captured at Nasugbu. The crowd undergoing rejuvenation is properly treated, I was informed.

5. No news these days. Looks like everything is favorable to us. V-2 has nothing to report, he informs me.

Regards and prayers for V,

Notes and references:
1 “GHQ, Batangas Force, FAIT,” File No. 110-3, downloaded from PVAO.
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