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Letter from Fortunato Borbon to Rillo, February 1945

The Rillo-Neri Unit was a guerrilla organization that was allegedly formed in the town of Balayan, and again allegedly by the authority coming from Col. Hugh Straughn, founder of the Fil-American Irregular Troops. It was supposed to have conducted intelligence work, kept peace and order and helped in the evacuation of the citizens of Balayan, Lemery and Tuy. Its combat team was also said to have participated in combat during the liberation of Batangas. While this guerrilla group failed to obtain full recognition from the United States Army, 130 of its members were recognized as a combat team and another 400 gained recognition with another guerrilla outfit, the Blue Eagle Brigade. In this document1, acting Provincial Governor Fortunato Rillo, a member of the unit, wrote to Rillo asking for advice about the unit’s plans for Binubusan and Calatagan and mentioned other personal matters as well.
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Municipality of Nasugbu


February 8, 1945.

Mr. Salvador B. Rillo
Rillo – Neri Unit
Dao, Balayan

Dear Badong;

As I understand, Binubusan and Calatagan belong to our sector, however, I have just been there and I found that we have no unit at present in those places. There are more or less 1,000 Japanese soldiers in Puting Kahoy, besides several landing barges are hidden by the Japs along the beach. Please let me know what your plan is.

As you know and everybody knows, I belong to your unit and under your order. I am still working for the success of our unit.

My family has just arrived [in] Nasugbu after much difficulty they have experienced during the trip at night and escape from the Japanese soldiers.

As I understand, the Japs are hunting me.

I am attending [to] the persons you recommended in your letter as municipal officials of Calaca and you can rest assured that they will be appointed as soon as Calaca is liberated.

Thanking you ever so much for your kind thought on my behalf and with my best regards to you and family, I am,

Very respectfully yours,

Acting Provincial Governor

Notes and references:
1 “Rillo-Neri (Lipa Guerrilla Headquarters Combat Team),” File No. 110-9, online at PVAO.

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