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December 29, 2017

Documents about the Lipa Guerrilla Regiment's Attachment to the US Army

The Lipa Guerrilla Regiment used to be known as the “Second Batangas Regiment” when it was affiliated with the Marking’s Guerrillas of Marcos Agustin. It was formed by a former USAFFE officer named Felino Paran. Upon Paran’s capture by the Japanese, command was assumed by Miguel Lina and became known as the “Lipa Guerrilla Unit.” The organization ultimately failed to collectively gain official recognition by the United States Army, but some of its members did get this coveted accolade. In this page1 are a couple of documents about elements of the Lipa Guerrilla Regiment’s attachment to US Army Units.

[p. 1]

187 Paraglider Inf.
APO 468

2 August 1945


This certifies that Guerrilla Major Pablo M. Salazar and 25 of his men joined forces with the 1st Battalion of this regiment reporting in to me daily. Their first mission completed for us on April 1, 1945 at which time they patrolled extensively protecting our right flank in the vicinity of Mt. Macolod. Their patrolling took them to Bukel Hill, Hinitan, Malabong, Samparan, Halang, Duhatan, Palawit, Palaklakan, Latan and Pulo areas. Valuable information was turned in to this headquarters which proved instrumental in clearing the enemy from this vicinity. Major Salazar’s first physical contact with enemy forces was on April 7, 1945, at which time 4 Japs were located, 2 killed and 1 taken prisoner; the prisoner was turned over to this headquarters for interrogation.

April 23, 1945, while patrolling in the Lipa territory, Major Salazar’s small group contacted a Jap patrol of 6 men of whom 3 were killed, a light machine gun confiscated and turned in to Regimental Supply.

Major Salazar operated very efficiently while attached to this command, his reports were accurate and complete and he maintained daily liaison with our headquarters, at which time he accepted his missions. I do not hesitate to recommend Major Salazar and his men as excellent candidates for the Philippine Army, preferably Branch of Infantry. If further recommendations are required, they will be gladly furnished on request.

1st Lt. Inf.

[p. 2]

Duhatan Group

Duhatan, Lipa, Batangas
2 August 1945

Lt. John G. Hurster
Lt. Inf.
1st Bn. 187th Para-Gli Inf.
1855 – E
APO 468

S i r :

Listed below are the names of Major (Guerrillas) Pablo M. Salazar and his 25 men who were directly in contact with your outfit in accepting daily missions in connection with the mopping up operations in Mt. Macolod and surrounding vicinities:

1. Pablo M. Salazar – Major, C.O.
2. Mauricio P. Casanova – Captain Ex. O.
3. Agustin Honrade – Captain
4. Leonardo Guce – Captain
5. Sebastian Macasaet – Captain
6. Petronio Macasaet – Captain
7. Pedro I. Macasaet – 1st Lt.
8. Florentino Camitan – 1st Lt.
9. Simplicio Marasigan – 1st Lt.
10. Amado Recinto – 1st Lt.
11. Gregorio Salazar – 1st Lt.
12. Luis Macasaet – 2nd Lt.
13. Bruno Casanova – 2nd Lt.
14. Petronilo Calingasan – 2nd Lt.
15. Calixto Rosita – 2nd Lt.
16. Julian Marasigan – 2nd Lt.
17. Domingo Virrey – M/Sgt.
18. Pedro Mayo – S/Sgt.
19. Bruno Valencia – 1st Sgt.
20. Wenceslao Calingasan – T/Sgt.
21. Lorenzo Macasaet – Sgt.
22. Dionisio Poro – Cpl.
23. Jose Mercado – Cpl.
24. Iglecerio Panaligan – Pfc.
25. Leon Honrade – Pfc.
26. Maximo Macasaet – Pfc.

Very respectfully,


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Notes and references:

1 “Lipa Guerrilla Regiment Paran’s Unit,” File No. 23, online at PVAO.

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