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December 29, 2017

Captain Otti's Report and Recommendations on the Lipa Guerrilla Company

The Lipa Guerrilla Regiment used to be known as the “Second Batangas Regiment” when it was affiliated with the Marking’s Guerrillas of Marcos Agustin. It was formed by a former USAFFE officer named Felino Paran. Upon Paran’s capture by the Japanese, command was assumed by Miguel Lina and became known as the “Lipa Guerrilla Unit.” The organization ultimately failed to collectively gain official recognition by the United States Army, but some of its members did get this coveted accolade. In this page1 is a transcription of a report with recommendations filed by one Captain Otti of the United States Army, who apparently was part of the “Contact Team B” that was sent to investigate the guerrilla company.

[p. 1]


12 July 1945

In compliance with instructions from Chief of Guerrilla Affairs Section, U.S. Army Training Group, AF-PAC, an investigation by Contact Team “B” was made of the Lipa Guerrilla Company, Lipa, Batangas.


The Lipa Guerrilla Company was organized under Lieut Colonel Felino Z. Paran, a former USAFFE officer, in 1942. Affiliated with Marking’s Fil-American Guerrilla Forces in March, 1943. Contact was lost with Marking’s Fil-Americans in September 1943 in the death of Colonel Daud Mangkon and Lt. Col. Medrana.

In September 1944, the Unit joined forces with Major Anderson as an Intelligence Section. Later, the Lipa Guerrillas engaged in sabotage operations, rescue of civilians and did some fighting.


The Unit is composed of eight officers (8) and one hundred forty-two (142) men broken down into four platoons. Lt. Col. Paran having been recalled to active duty, the Unit is now commanded by Captain Miguel K. Lina.


No political affiliations or aspirations were apparent. Lt. Col. Paran, the original Commanding Officer, is under investigation by CIC for alleged indiscretions.


1. Recommend the Unit be recognized and those members suitable for induction be inducted into the Philippine Army.

2. Certain members of the Unit (Incl No. 3) are under investigation by CIC for alleged criminal acts (See incl #3) but evidence sufficient for conviction has not yet been obtained.

3. In view of paragraph 2 above, it is recommended that citation be made to include date of recognition but that no compensation be given previous to date of induction.

/s/ R. L. Otti
/t/ R. L. OTTI
C.T. “B”

3 - Inclosures

Incl. #1 Roster showing original and service
Incl. #2 Roster by Unit
Incl. #3 Deposition CIC

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Notes and references:

1 “Lipa Guerrilla Regiment Paran’s Unit,” File No. 23, online at PVAO.

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