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Various Documents on the Lipa Town Unit during the Liberation Period


The Hunters-ROTC was one of the largest guerrilla outfits that operated in Southern Luzon during the Japanese occupation and was also involved in the liberation with United States Army Forces. The Lipa Town Unit was one of its components operating in the Province of Batangas. The unit’s application for recognition by the United States Army was subsequently withdrawn by the organization’s higher command, but the documents from its application are nonetheless included for historical purposes. In this page are transcriptions1 of a several documents submitted to the United States Army with historical information on the activities of the Lipa Town Unit during the liberation period.

Guerrilla Files

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2 April 1945
: The High Command of Hunters or ROTC Guerrillas
(Through Proper Channels)

I have the honor to report that on this date, Sergeant Severiano Librea and Sergeant Nicasio Aquino (E-3) of the Lipa Town Unit of the Hunters or ROTC Guerrillas, have been temporarily attached to S-2 511th Parachute Inf. Regiment at barrio Balagbag, Lipa, Batangas. The S-2 of the aforesaid regiment requested to give him the abovementioned men to guide them near the enemy lines at barrio Munting-Pulo, Sapak, and other places in the eastern part of Lipa.

In connection with my report dated March 22, 1945, officers and enlisted men of said unit are now on active duty as per list of personnel submitted to that office.

The High Command, through proper channels, is hereby requested to consider any action taken in the premises.

2nd Lieutenant, Inf. Guer.
Adjutant T-1 & Personnel, Lipa
Town Unit


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158 RCT – GGC

25 March 1945

TO: Lt. Pedro Aquino, Inf. Guer.

Received your letter dated 22 March and was really moved by the picture with regards to the evacuees. Of course, this is war and cases like these are of practically ordinary occurrence in these very critical days everywhere. But please keep them up, by whatever means you can do, from the very scanty things you can get hold of, as right now we are still beyond grasp of the things you are asking for – the profiteering business will be taken care of by the PCAU (Philippine Civil Affairs Unit); the medical supplies available right now are very scanty as there is no quota of medicine for us yet; and the arms – to tell you frankly, are always our first concern, too – we have been asking for them time and again, and there is nothing much to it so far. Even here, in spite of the presence of military authorities and the PCAU, prices are too high just the same. We have called the attention of the proper authorities, and nothing seems to be done about it yet.

We won’t be promising you things now, but as they come our way and whatever will be of use to us and you, we shall try helping each other in every possible way. It won’t be long before Lipa is liberated, perhaps by next week – so have your patience now. We all have undergone three long bitter years – years of superhuman endurance – and now with freedom right in our grasp, let us all keep our chins up. People in some areas may be luckier than in other areas – well, that is God’s will, and we cannot do anything more than this. Let us all keep our faith and hope for the best.

Regarding those persons you recommended, they have to be acted upon yet by the HQ of the 11th ABN Div. and may take some time yet as things are very disorderly right now. So I am not assuring you of their incorporation in a short time, but anyhow, they are working for a worthy and noble cause, so let them all keep it up. Guerrillas and their supporters will surely have the reward by some means at the time the Government is running in good order.

Good luck and may the blessings of the Almighty Lord be on you all.

Major, Inf, Guer.
Ex. Officer

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3rd Bn. 49th Regiment
Lipa Town Unit

March 22, 1945

To – The High Command of the Hunters or ROTC Guerrillas, (Through Proper Channels)

Subject – Special Report

Please be informed that the attached names of personnel representing the town unit of Lipa of the 3d battalion 49th Regiment remained intact within the municipality of Ibaan. They are guarding the civilians against the Japanese stragglers and some are directing scattered civilian evacuees to the center of evacuation, municipality of Ibaan.

Please be informed further that the other members or enlisted men of this unit are active at the front and others were massacred by the Japanese in Lipa and still others can’t be located at present due to conditions.

(Adjutant and Personnel 3d Bn. 49th Reg.)
Notes and references:
1 “Lipa Town Unit, 2nd BN, 49th Regt., 47th Div, Hunters-ROTC,” File No. 307-40, online at the United States National Archives.
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