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[PHOTO] Approach to Sabang Bridge along the Batangas-Ibaan Road

The original Sabang Bridge was one of the most outstanding projects of the Bureau of Public Works in Batangas during the American colonial era. Not only was the bridge a work of art, it also shortened travel between the towns of Batangas and Ibaan.

Although the bridge itself was completed in the first quarter of 1914, work on the improvement of roads continued into the succeeding years. For instance, in the photograph shown below, shown is construction work on the approach to the Sabang Bridge from the south.

This included carving a passage through elevated land and paving the road through the passage. The importance of this project was that it opened up travel from the capital of the province not just to Ibaan but also to other southeastern towns such as Rosario and San Juan.

Below, the southern approach to the Sabang Bridge.
Southern approach to Sabang Bridge along Batangas-Ibaan Road
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Notes and references:
The photograph in this page was digitally extracted from the January 1919 edition of the Bureau of Public Works Quarterly Bulleting.

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