[PHOTO] Calumpang River Revetment c. 1928 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

[PHOTO] Calumpang River Revetment c. 1928

As part of its infrastructure development plans throughout the Philippines, the American colonial government, with the Bureau of Public Works as the implementing institution, undertook countless construction projects not only in the capital city of Manila but also throughout the rest of the archipelago.

Many infrastructures were constructed in Batangas in 1927, one of which was the revetment system to fortify the banks of the Calumpang River in the then-town of Batangas.

Revetments are sloping structures that are used to line the banks of freshwater systems such as the Calumpang River, the idea behind which is to prevent damage to the banks during floods or during times of heavy seasonal rainfall.

Below, a picture of the revetment project along the Calumpang River circa 1928.
Calumpang River revetment c. 1928
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Notes and references:
The image above was digitally extracted from the January 1928 edition of the Annual Report of the Director of Public Works.

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