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[PHOTO] Construction of Batangas-Cavite Inter-Provincial Road, 1929

In 1929, an inter-provincial road that would connect the adjoining provinces of Batangas and Cavite was under construction by the American colonial government through the Bureau of Public Works.

This infrastructure project was foreseen to connect the western Batangas town of Tuy with the town of Indang in Cavite, via the town of Mendez, also in Cavite. By 1929, 2.5 kilometers of subgrade preparation had been completed. Subgrade pertains to the native earth or ground over which paving materials would be laid.

Also completed were roughly two kilometers of road surfacing, the construction of temporary wooden bridges and the laying down of culverts. The total expenditures for the project up to that point was ₱47,447.48.

Below, a photograph of the road under construction.
Batangas-Cavite inter-provincial road construction
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Notes and references:
The image above was digitally extracted from the January 1929 edition of the Annual Report of the Director of Public Works.

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