[PHOTO] Rosario to Bolbok Road c. 1926 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

[PHOTO] Rosario to Bolbok Road c. 1926

By the 1920s, motorized transportation had well and truly arrived as well in the Philippines. Hence, among the aspects of public works that the American colonial government was kept busy with was the construction of roads, something that the previous Spanish colonial government did not really have an appetite for.

In Batangas, the Bureau of Public Works was also constructing roads, even in offbeat places away from the main travel routes from the capital of Batangas to Manila.

For instance, in the photograph below, a portion of the 22.1 kilometer road from Rosario to Bolbok, the latter presumably in the town of Batangas. This road would have been beneficial not only to motorized transportation but even animal-driven carts, which were still aplenty in that period.
Portion of Rosario to Bolbok Road
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Notes and references:
The image above was digitally extracted from the January 1926 edition of the Annual Report of the Director of Public Works.

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