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Record of Accomplishments of the Gold Area Unit, Free Luzon Echelon


The Gold Area Unit was a guerrilla organization affiliated Free Luzon Intelligence Echelon of the 6th Military District on the island of Panay. This unit was ordered created in Bauan, Batangas by one Mariano A. Tibay, who would also be its commander. In this page is a transcription1 of a record of accomplishments as written by the Gold Area Unit and included in its application for official recognition by the United States Army.
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1. Intelligence reports submitted to Commander Nicholson at Abra, Mindoro through Lt. Evora, SWPA.

2. Intelligence reports submitted to Hq. 6” MA thru Lt. Lim, 6” MA Intelligence Officer in Tablas.

3. Intelligence reports submitted to Commander Nicholson at Abra, Mindoro thru Capt. Hernandez, SWPA.

4. Intelligence reports submitted to Col. Verbeck thru Lt. Priestess who came to this area on reconnaissance.

5. Intelligence reports submitted to Hq. at San Jose, Mindoro thru Lt. Stimson at Calapan.

6. Names of pro-Japanese elements submitted to CIC, Calapan.

7. Killed 1, captured 4 Jap soldiers who were brought to Abra, Mindoro authorities. Submitted thru Capt. Hernandez, SWPA.

8. Killed 7, captured 2 enemies, 8 rifles and ammunition. Prisoners brought to Major Blieden, S-2, 158th RCT, Lemery.

9. Some of our officers and men guided and went into action with American troops at Bauan, Batangas Area.

a. Lt. Modesto Rosales – guide at Tabok for American patrol at Manghinao. He also captured Capt. Morai (Jap) with Cpl. Alabastro, Cpl. Enriquez, Pvt. Manalo, and Sgt. Castillo, in Sabang, Bauan. They turned over this Japanese captain to [an] American officer of a patrol.

b. Cpl. Alabastro – guide of American troops in Aplaya, Bauan, Batangas.

c. Cpl. Enriquez – responsible for burning of Japanese ammunition stores at Sta. Rita and Baguilawa. Captured 1 Jap rifle in Baguilawa, Bauan (which was confiscated by Dr. Jamin Castillo under Flores).

d. Sgt. Castillo – captured Basilio Manigbas, notorious pro-Jap, in San Roque, Bauan. This pro-Jap was turned over to Lt. Wool and was brought to Cupang thence to Lemery. Captured 2 pistols, 2 hand grenades which were turned over to Lt. Wool, American officer. Guided American troops in Bauan area in the barrio of Sta. Maria; went into action with American troops at Mailayin, Mabini and was killed in action by American crossfire. Helped sending civilians to Lemery during [the] burning of Bauan.

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e. Pvt. Vricasio de Leon – kept guard at Hq. of American unit in Bauan area; went into action with American troops in Bauan area; reported having gone to Cuenca front with American troops armed with Jap rifle he captured from enemy.

f. Lt. I. Ciceron aided American artillery units in Asis, Bauan.

10. Helped evacuation of civilians from Batangas mainland to Maricaban Island and to Mindoro.

11. Helped those wounded by accidental PT boat firing on Maricaban Island, Jan. 29.

12. Has maintained peace and order in area. Has given subsistence and necessary facilities to missions, personnel, etc. of other guerrilla units passing or contacting this area.

Notes and references:
1 “Gold Area Unit, Free Luzon Intelligence Echelon, 6th MD,” online at the United States National Archives.

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