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US Army Reconsideration Report on the Oraña Guerrilla Unit


The Oraña Guerrrilla Unit was an independent guerrilla organization that was spawned and operated in the area of Barrio Durungao, San Luis, Batangas. It was commanded by one Jeremias Oraña In this page is a transcription1 of a reconsideration report on the Oraña unit after its initial application for recognition was not considered favorably.
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1. In accordance with verbal instructions received on 1 October 1947 from Captain S C Buchanan, Chief, Reconsideration Section, G-3, Guerrilla Affairs Division, Headquarters PHILRYCOM, Lieutenant J H Manzano undertook the investigation for reconsideration of the ORAÑA GUERRILLA UNIT.


a. The ORAÑA GUERRILLA UNIT, under the command of Mr Jeremias M. Oraña and consisting of 938 members, initially submitted a request for recognition on 10 March 1946. This request was acted upon by an Investigating Team of this office headed by Lieutenant George R Bond. The ORAÑA GUERRILLA UNIT was not favorably considered for recognition by letter, Headquarters AFWESPAC, dated 28 June 1946.

b. The ORAÑA GUERRILLA UNIT, in a letter dated 19 April 1947, requested reconsideration of the unfavorable decision rendered by this headquarters. This request for reconsideration was accepted by letter, Headquarters PHILRYCOM, dated 12 May 1947.

c. No field investigation was found necessary in view of available records at this office. Prior reports prepared by the Investigating Team headed by Lieutenant George R Bond were consulted.

d. To date, the unit has had two members recognized with the Triumvirate Guerrillas.


(See Unit File)


a. The commanding officer, Mr Jeremias M Oraña, was requested in the reconsideration letter dated 12 May 1947 to submit to this office any additional evidence not previously submitted that he felt would support his claim. Four months and a half have elapsed since then; this period of time is considered adequate for the unit to have complied with the request to submit additional evidence, and since no additional evidence has been submitted, it is concluded that there is nothing further to substantiate the case. In view of this, there is no basis for modifying the original decision of non-recognition.


As per field investigation conducted by Lieutenant George R Bond, it was found that the unit was formed to bring about a political victory for a certain Tolentino who, at the time, was running for Congressman for the First District of Batangas.

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a. That the original decision of this headquarters, dated 28 June 1946, not favorably considering for recognition the ORAÑA GUERRILLA UNIT, be sustained.

b. That no individual claiming membership in the subject unit be favorably considered in a casualty or non-casualty status.

c. That this report constitute the final action by this headquarters on the ORAÑA GUERRILLA UNIT.

Lieut        Inf
Investigating Officer

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1 “Orana Guerrilla Unit,” online at the United States National Archives.
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