PQOG Guerrilla Intel Reports on Lipa, Batangas with Sketch Maps, December 44 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore PQOG Guerrilla Intel Reports on Lipa, Batangas with Sketch Maps, December 44 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

PQOG Guerrilla Intel Reports on Lipa, Batangas with Sketch Maps, December 44


The President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas or PQOG was one of the guerrilla organizations operating in southern Luzon, and it had a sizable presence in the Province of Batangas. Included among the files1 of the PQOG’s composite 2nd Regiment is a summary of intelligence reports on the Japanese Army’s military activities, movements and positions in the then-town of Lipa, Batangas, with mentions of the nearby towns of Mataasnakahoy and Rosario. The entire summary is transcribed below.

Guerrilla Files

Also included in this page are guerrilla sketches of what presumably were Japanese positions marked in red in the poblacion of Lipa as well as the Japanese-operated Lipa Airfield near the town of Mataasnakahoy. A legend to interpret the maps is provided at the bottom of this page.

Generally, sketch maps created by guerrilla outfits operating in Batangas aimed at pointing out to American military planners the positions of the Japanese Imperial Army insofar as these were concerned: troop quarters/positions; gasoline and supply dumps; military headquarters and buildings; artillery and anti-aircraft guns; general defenses like barbed wire enclosures and foxhole concentrations; and airfields and other hubs or locations of military transport.

In the Field

DECEMBER 1, 1944

Lipa, Batangas

A. Raids – Effect
1. Nov. 5, 1944 – 7:45 a.m.
a. Landing Field.
(1) Gasoline dumps at Kalingatan, Mataas na Kahoy.
(2) 20 Jap planes destroyed.
(3) Runway on western side of field.
(4) 3,000 soldiers and workers.
(5) Fires on eastern side.
2. Nov. 6, 1944 – 9:00 a.m.
a. Landing Field.
(1) Ammunition dumps.
b. Barracks
(1) Strafing and bombing.
c. Allied losses.
(1) 2 planes shot down by AA, 1 pilot killed instantly, the other bailed out to safety; named Lt. John Boyle.
3. Nov. 14, 1944.
a. Gasoline dumps at Mataas na Kahoy.
b. Ammunition depots.
B. Installations.
1. Anti-aircraft guns.
a. Anilao Hill.
b. Corner of Gen. Malvar & Gat Polintan Streets due southwest.
C. Vehicles and Fuel.
1. Motor Pool
a. Road fork on National Road due west.
2. Gasoline
a. Half of block bounded by National Road Soliman Street and Sikatuna Street.
b. Cemetery in Mataas na Kahoy.
D. Troops.
1. Officers.
a. Corner of National Road Aguinaldo St. 4th house from the High School.
2. Enlisted men.
a. Former hospital & nearby houses along road to Rosario due south.
b. Alupay Barrio School.
c. Seminary on the same road.
d. Corner of National Road & Gen. Malvar Street.
3. Aviators.
a. Corner of National Road & 10 de Julio Street.
4. Military Police.
a. 50 meters from the corner of Lauro Dimayuga St. & National Road, due north.
E. Ammunition.
1. Corner of Aguinaldo & Gregorio Aguilar Streets, in the church block.
2. Barrio Antipolo, 2 kms from the town.
F. Airplane Spare Parts & Machine Shops
1. Corner of National Road to Rosario & Gregorio Aguilar St., near cinema.
2. Corner of 10 de Julio & Gregorio Aguilar Streets.
3. Corner of road to Rosario and A. Mabini Streets, 2nd house.
G. Food and other Supplies.
1. “Rose Pack” on the road to Rosario near the seminary.
2. Soldiers go around the nearby barrios confiscating livestock, etc. without paying.
H. Miscellaneous.
1. Woody region extending from the corner of Gat Polintan St. & the road to Rosario, due west, is a strictly military zone to which no civilian is allowed.
2. Foxholes & dugouts on the western slope of Anilao Hill.
3. Jap soldiers mixing with the civilian population.
4. Dummy airplanes in the barrio of Bagumbayan.
5. Real airplanes in the coconut groves.

Guerrilla Sketch Maps

Sketch Map of Poblacion Lipa

Guerrilla sketch map of Poblacion Lipa, Batangas
Image source: Composite 2nd Regiment, I Corps, PQOG.

Sketch Map of Lipa Airfield and Vicinity

Guerrilla Sketch Map of Lipa Airfield
Image credit: Composite 2nd Regiment, I Corps, PQOG.

Guerrilla Sketch Map Legend

Guerrilla Sketch Map Legend
PQOG Guerrilla Map Legend.
Notes and references:
1 From the files of the Composite 2nd Regiment, I Corps, President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas, online at the United States National Archives
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