Vanderpool's Letters to Juan Villegas, CG-PHILRYCOM on the 3rd Bn Nasugbu-FAIT - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Vanderpool's Letters to Juan Villegas, CG-PHILRYCOM on the 3rd Bn Nasugbu-FAIT - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Vanderpool's Letters to Juan Villegas, CG-PHILRYCOM on the 3rd Bn Nasugbu-FAIT


Col. Jay D. Vanderpool was the Liaison Officer sent by Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) Command to southern Luzon, including Batangas, to coordinate guerrilla activities in the area in preparation for the Allied invasion. Transcriptions of a selection of his communications either with guerrilla units or offices of the United States Army are compiled in this section. In this page are transcriptions1 of communications from Vanderpool to a Juan Villegas as well as the Commanding General of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command (PHILRYCOM) on the verification of services rendered by the 3rd Battalion of the Nasugbu Fil-Americans guerrilla outfit.
Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool
Left: Col. Vanderpool. Image credit:  ARSOF History. Right: Filipino soldiers being inspected. Image credit: US National Archives.
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Washington, D. C.
30 July 1947

Juan M. Villegas
Nasugbu, Batangas

Dear Sir:

I am in receipt of your letter of the 20th of July 1947 in which you request that I certify as to the validity and accurateness of your chronological reports of your activities and supporting documents appended thereto.

Enclosed herewith, a letter prepared for the Commanding General, Philippines – Ryukyus Command, in compliance with your request. In this, I have verified your statements to the best of my memory and with the records available.

It is hoped that you and those of your men who assisted the United States forces during the Philippine Liberation Campaign will receive just compensation for their efforts.

If I can be of assistance to yourself or your organization in the future, do not hesitate to write me.

Sincerely yours,

Jay D. Vanderpool
Lieutenant Colonel.
Field Artillery

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Washington, D. C.
30 July 1947

Commanding General
Philippines-Ryukyus Command
Manila, Philippines

SUBJECT: Recognition of Services

1. Attached hereto, a copy of a communication from JUAN M. VILLEGAS of Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, who has written myself, regarding a statement to your Headquarters, to verify the activities of the 3rd Battalion of the Nasugbu Phil-Americans.

2. VILLEGAS has appended to his letter various letters, orders, directives, and sundry memoranda which he has requested that I verify. I have gone through the inclosures to his letter and checked against my records in order to verify his copies. I have indicated by marginal notes those items of which I have personal knowledge. Those orders issued by myself or by my Headquarters were found to be completely correct except for minor typographical and spelling errors.

3. The actions rendered by this unit for the 11th Airborne Division at Nasugbu are known to me to be true, but these have already been substantiated by other American Army officers, therefore do not require my verification.

4. Those portions of the reports which I have personal knowledge of have proven to be exceptionally accurate. The chronological reports of the activities of the organization which occurred prior to my contact with it in late 1944 cannot be verified as I have no personal knowledge of these.

5. The mission of the 3rd Battalion, Nasugbu Fil-Americans was not primarily combat during the operational phase of the MIKE SIX operations, but the services rendered were invaluable in that by taking over the service job at the beachhead, the use of trained U.S. Army forces was reduced to the minimum. This service support was initiated within four hours after the initial landing and continued until such time as a beachhead was no longer required in this area.

/s/ Jay D. Vanderpool
Lieutenant Colonel
Field Artillery

Notes and references:
1 “1st Regiment, Nasugbu, Fait” File No. 110-52, downloaded from PVAO.
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