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Endorsement of the Civilian Liberation Volunteers to the PHILRYCOM


The Hunters-ROTC was a large guerrilla organization founded in Rizal but which relocated its headquarters to the western Batangas town of Nasugbu as the liberation of Luzon neared. It had many units operating in many areas of Luzon and its 49th Regiment was based in Batangas. The Civilian Liberation Volunteers was from all indications a group of labor volunteers who helped the US Army during the liberation of Batangas and was attached to the units of the Hunters-ROTC Guerrilla organization. In this page is a transcription1 of an endorsement letter from Eleuterio Adevoso, a.k.a. “Terry Magtangol/Magtanggol,” to the Philippines-Ryukyus Command (PHILRYCOM) recommending the recognition of the Civilian Liberation Volunteers

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1st Indorsement

Hqs. Hunters Veterans Legion
1046 Felix Huertas, Manila
26 February 1947

TO : The Commanding General

1. Forwarded.

2. This unit was in active service as a whole for the period from 15 September 1944 to 2 September 1945.

3. This unit served independently as a labor group from Sept. 1944 to 6 March 1945 under the Hunters ROTC Guerrillas and from 7 March 1945 to 2 September 1945 under the various elements of the 11th A/B Division, US Army.

4. Simultaneous with the landing of the US Army Forces in Leyte on October 30, 1944, the Hunters ROTC Command ordered the stop of recruiting members and termed all forces coming in thereafter as civilian volunteers. This labor group comes in under that scope.

5. No member of this unit has been paid for whatever services had been rendered nor has been recognized as a guerrilla.

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Notes and references:
1 “Ocampo Bn, 47th Div, HUNTERS-ROTC,” File No. 307-37, online at the United States National Archives.

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