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Affidavit of Lt. Col. Marcelino de la Rosa Relevant to the Vulcan Infantry Regiment


The Vulcan Infantry Regiment was purportedly a guerrilla organization under the command of one Major Amando D. Ylagan and was supposed to have operated in the Taal-Lemery area. Many of the alleged documented activities of this unit overlapped with those claimed by other guerrilla outfits operating in the said area. In this page is a transcription1 of an affidavit by Lt. Col. Marcelino de la Rosa relevant to the Vulcan Infantry Regiment..

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I, MARCELINO DE LA ROSA, Lt-Col, PA, of legal age, married, Filipino, at present in Camp Murphy, after having been duly sworn in accordance with the law depose and say:

That I was formerly a 1st Lieut., PC before the outbreak of the war and had been in action in Bataan with the 2nd Infantry Regiment, Philippine Constabulary;

That I was one of the organizers of the VULCAN UNIT, the nucleus of the guerrilla organization in Taal-Lemery-San Luis, Batangas on 15 November 1942 which was formally organized according to [the] PA table of organization on 15 February 1943 and named VULCAN INFANTRY REGIMENT; and on 28 December 1944, as a result of its affiliation to the BLUE EAGLE renamed CANLURAN INFANTRY REGIMENT; (see attached History of the Organization)

That I was formerly a Battalion Commander and lately the Regimental Adjutant (S-1) of the VULCAN INFANTRY REGIMENT and later the Commanding Officer of the “Canluran Combat Battalion,” Blue Eagle Regiment, recognized by the Commander-in-Chief, US Army Forces, Western Pacific on 6 March 1945;

That USAFFE officers and EM of the Canluran Infantry Regiment were not carried in the rosters of the activated and recognized Canluran Combat Battalion because of their own written request, they reported to the Philippine Army for processing, following the advice given by US Army officers to report on or before the expiration of the (90 days period) after the liberation of their sector. It is ours and their belief that, upon processing under the USAFFE, they will not be barred from reprocessing in their guerrilla ranks and also if their services in the guerrilla organization will be given credit and there will be reward or compensation, they will not lose their benefits;

That, as Bn CO, I could not include their names in the rosters because we were submitting daily morning reports to the Guerrilla Hqs, 11th Airborne Division, which was the basis of rationing, distribution of supplies and ammunition and disposition of troops. We were also being checked up physically by the coordinator and inspectors. Besides, only those with arms and actually in support and operations with the 11th Airborne were activated and recommended for recognition.

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That the “Canluran Combat Battalion,” Blue Eagle Regiment, with the (367 men) from the Hq. Bn., Canluran Combat Company, “B” Company and “C” Company, was recognized by the Sixth Army on 6 Mar ’45;

That, as far as I remember, I submitted the roster of this battalion sometime last April 1945 at the 11th Division Hqs, at Mataas na Kahoy with Lt J P McDonald, 11th Airborne Division guerrilla coordinator. (Above-mentioned roster had been screened and revised several times by instruction and guidance of Lt J P McDonald until final revised roster was submitted on the Above-mentioned date and place.);

That, after several days [after] the roster was submitted, the Regimental Commander and myself were told verbally and officially by Lt McDonald that my outfit was recognized by the Sixth Army as of 6 March 1945;

That Maj Jack P Barton, USA, 11th Airborne Guerrilla Coordinator of Batangas, went personally together with Lt McDonald to the Regimental Headquarters (Lt-Col Felipe A Gahol, Ex O of the Regiment, Major Jovencio Torralba, Capt Nicolas Calanog, myself and some other officers present) and told us officially of the recognition and gave Lt-Col Gahol instructions on what to do to have their officers and men of the Canluran Combat Battalion ready for processing with the Philippine Army as soon as released by the 11th Airborne Division from operations;

That, on 1st July 1945, Lt-Col Gahol wrote to me officially regarding the instructions given by Major Barton and said letter was endorsed by me on the same date to the CO’s of the “B” & “C” companies (See attached true copies of the Above-mentioned letters.);

That, on 2 July 1945, in my capacity of Bn CO, I sent official letters to Captains Valentin Mayuga and Jose R Catibog, CO’s of “B” and “C” companies, respectively, advising them to have their officers and men ready for they might be processed in the Philippine Army on or before the 16th of July 1945 (See attached true copies of my letter received by the Above-mentioned CO’s.);

That Col Eduardo Alabastro was told also verbally by Col D Ylagan of the recognition of the Canluran Combat Battalion and he was furnished a copy of the rosters of the recognized troops; and the latter objected claiming that there were demotions in ranks which he himself alone could do (notwithstanding the verbal instructions of Major Barton and Lt McDonald to screen the officers and men to follow the table of organization.);

That we only heard and learned lately that a BLUE EAGLE Brigade has been recognized and the “B” and “C” companies which were already recognized and part and parcel of my battalion were included again in the recognized brigade;

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That a number of officers and men who originally belonged to our regiment were not included in the BLUE EAGLE BRIGADE, especially USAFFE officers and EM who were already with the Philippine Army;

That most of those recognized officers like Col A D Ylagan, Lt-Col Felipe A Gahol, Lt-Col Marcelino D. de la Rosa, Major Jovencio Torralba, Capts Gregorio Buño and Nicolas Y Calanog and other USAFFES who were the organizers and have more knowledge about the setup of the outfit, were already processed in the Philippine Army and assigned in different stations, most of them are in Manila. But, during the preparation of the roster of the BLUE EAGLE BRIGADE, which was submitted to the Commanding General, AFPAC, on 9 July 1945, the aforesaid officers of the CANLURAN INFANTRY REGIMENT were not consulted by the officers to take charge of the remaining men who originally belonged to the setup of the mother VULCAN INFANTRY REGIMENT;

That the recognition of the Brigade is the disregard of the original members and organizers of said VULCAN INFANTRY REGIMENT, like Major Gregorio P Buño, Capt Juan Magsino (now dead) and others. (See letter of Lt-Col Felipe A Gahol to the CG, AFPAC, dated 5 January 1945.);

FURTHER, affiant sayeth not.

Done in the City of Manila this 29th day of April 1946.

Lt-Colonel, Inf

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29th day of April 1946.

[Sgd.] Leonard J Aubuchon
2d Lt. FA, AUS

Notes and references:
1 “Vulcan Infantry Regiment,” File No. 213-12, online at the United States National Archives.
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