Lobo Unit Editorial Vol III No 14 with Words from Henry L. Stimson and Pres. Manuel L. Quezon - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Lobo Unit Editorial Vol III No 14 with Words from Henry L. Stimson and Pres. Manuel L. Quezon - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Lobo Unit Editorial Vol III No 14 with Words from Henry L. Stimson and Pres. Manuel L. Quezon


The Lobo Unit, USAFFE Guerrilla was originally considered by the United States army as part of the Pandita Area, DI Combat, Free Luzon Area, 6th Military District guerrilla outfit under the command of one Danny Flores. The mother organization was not favorably considered for recognition by the United States Army. However, among the files of this unit submitted to the United States Army is a series of “editorials” which, while not created by anybody from within the unit, were probably disseminated not only among guerrillas but also the civilian population in Lobo to keep the morale high. Thus, it provides great historical value and is included among the files of this unit. This document is part of this series.

Guerrilla Files
VOL. III, NO. 14 10 March 1944


1944 is the third year of the War in the Pacific. America has met the enemy at all fronts with calmness and determination.

While the resources of the enemy, both in manpower and materials, are almost exhausted, America’s have just started, so to say. The immense wealth of America has just been scratched on the surface. The main bulk and real substance have remained untouched, intact.

The present war will be determined by Planes and Ships. The combatant having the most, well-equipped and up-to-the-minute planes and ships will surely win the present armed conflict.

America has always made and maintained herself the arsenal of Democracies fighting the Axis. She not only supplies her Army, Navy and Air Force, but also all the Allied Nations who have embraced and adhered to the common Cause — LIBERTY, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and, above all, JUSTICE.

America’s War Production has worked out with clockwise [clockwork is probably the correct word] precision and efficiency. This is obvious for the simple reason that her factories, establishments and institutions have remained intact. Unlike those in Europe and Asia, the mentioned American resources have been spared from destruction, bombardment, shooting, explosions and bombings. Just how efficient they are, we are releasing herewith vital Facts and Figures which could never escape the attention and apprehension of well-informed and intelligent people in all camps of life. In January alone, America produced 850 planes daily, or a total of 10,850 planes. Seven (7) more warships were launched last week. Indeed, America has just started the War. She is becoming stronger every day, while her enemies are becoming weaker and crippled, both in manpower and material resources as time flies.

The Axis never thought that the War will last this long. They believed in blitzkrieg or lightning war. They were mistaken in their calculations. Their guesses were wild.

The real War situation in the Pacific may be gleaned from the following FLASHES received and which we are printing below:


“After the Marianas and the Carolines, the Philippines will be next to be attacked.”
Sec. of War
U.S. Army

“I’m returning soon. Plant every available soil. Store food in your homes for the next War which may come soon in our soil. Be calm. Do not lose your head.

“P.I. Independence assured. Plans for post-war reconstruction under way. American resources behind reconstruction. A little more patience and victory will be ours.”

Notes and references:
1 “Pandita Area, Free Luzon Intelligence Echelon, 6th MD, [Folder 4],” online at the United States National Archives.
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