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Lipa’s New City Museum in Photos

The city of Lipa has a relatively new museum to showcase its rich heritage from the pre-Hispanic period up to the present. It was opened only last January 2024 and is open to the public free of charge.

The museum is at the ground floor of the city’s new Cultural Center at the far end of the Plaza Independencia. It is also directly in front of the Cathedral of Saint Sebastian, patron of the city’s poblacion on main population center.

The museum encapsulates Lipa’s history from the first time it was settled long before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores, to the late 19th century boom at the twilight of the Spanish colonial era, to life under the American authorities, the trials and tribulations suffered during the Japanese Occupation, and finally to the postwar era until the present.

The museum expertly combines storytelling with a fine mix of wall text and nostalgic photographs taken over the years. A special gallery shows the impressive array of personalities who guided Lipa through its journey through history as gobernadorcillo, presidente, and the contemporary mayor. A section also highlights each of the city’s 72 barrios or barangays.

The museum is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon1. Below are some pictures recently taken inside the museum:

Lipa Cultural Center frontage
The frontage of the new Lipa Cultural Center.
Villa de Lipa
The section on Lipa's prosperous years as Villa de Lipa.
Spanish era Lipa
Spanish era Lipa.
Lipa in WWII
Ensuring that sacrifices made in the last World War are not forgotten.
Lipa leaders
Gallery of leaders.
Lipa and its barrios
Contemporary Lipa and its barangays or barrios.
Notes and references:
1 The information is from the social media page of Mayor Eric Africa of Lipa City.
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