Bridge being Constructed by the US Army in Cuenca 1945

Date Taken: 26 March 1945

Original Caption: Double Bailey bridge under construction by the 131st Engineering Construction group (of the United States Army) at Cuenca, Luzon, P.I. (for Philippine Islands)

The town of Cuenca in Batangas was an important campaign for the United States Army, first because there was a sizeable Japanese defensive position on the town's Mount Maculot; and second because Cuenca was a stepping stone to the then-town of Lipa, where US military planners had planned for a pincer maneuver from out of Nasugbu to close. There was also the matter of Lipa having an airfield maintained by the Japanese Imperial Army.
Bridge in Cuenca
Bailey bridge under construction in Cuenca, Batangas in 1945.  Image source:  United States National Archives.

Notes and references:
Image credit: United States National Archives. The picture was colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.
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