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Destroyed Makapili Headquarters in Barrio Sulok 1945

Date Taken: 25 October 1945

Original Caption: These are the ruins of the headquarter of the Filipinos, who collaborated with the Japs, at Sulac, Batangas, Luzon, P.I. (for Philippine Islands)

These collaborators were a group called the Makapili or the “Makabayang Katipuna ng mga Pilipino” which was formed to provide military assistance to the Japanese. There was, indeed, a barracks in Barrio Sulok from where the Makapilis operated.
Destroyed Makapili headquarters in Santo Tomas
The destroyed headquarters of a Filipino collaborators' group 1945.  Image source:  United States National Archives.
Note to the reader: “Sulac” is Barrio Sulok at the border between the Lipa City and Santo Tomas, known in the present day as Barrio Santa Cruz of Santo Tomas.

Notes and references:
Image source: United States National Archives. The picture was colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.

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