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Republic Act No. 162 Creating the City of Lipa

The City of Lipa began as a small pueblo along the shores of Lake Bombon, presently Taal Lake, founded by Augustinian missionaries early in the 17th century. Violent eruptions of Taal Volcano particularly in the 18th century forced inhabitants of the pueblo to move twice before, as a final precaution against the perils posed by the volcano, the pueblo’s elders decided it was best to move inland to the present-day city’s location.

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In the late 19th century, because the income it created for itself as a consequence of the coffee boom, Lipa was formally recognized by the Spanish Crown as a royal estate and was known as Villa de Lipa. This status was eventually rescinded as the coffee boom turned to bust. In 1947, Lipa was elevated to the status of a city, the first in the Province of Batangas to receive the distinction.


Section 1. This Act shall be known as the Charter of the City of Lipa.


General Provisions

Sec. 2. Territory of the City of Lipa. — The City of Lipa which is hereby created, shall comprise the present territorial jurisdiction of the municipality of Lipa, in the Province of Batangas.

Sec. 3. Corporate character of the city. — The City of Lipa constitutes a political body corporate and as such is endowed with the attribute of perpetual succession and possessed of the powers which pertain to a municipal corporation, to be exercised in conformity with the provisions of this Chapter.

Sec. 4. Seal and general powers of the city. — The city shall have a common seal, and may alter the same at pleasure. It may take, purchase, receive, hold, lease, convey, and dispose of real and personal property for the general interest of the city, condemn private property for the public use, contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, prosecute and defend to final judgment and execution, and exercise all the powers hereinafter conferred.

Sec. 5. The city not liable for damages. — The city shall not be liable or held for damages or injuries to persons or property arising from the failure of the Municipal Board, the Mayor, or any other city officer or employee, to enforce the provisions of this Charter, or any other law or ordinance, or from negligence of said Municipal Board, or other city officers or employees while enforcing or attempting to enforce the provisions thereof.

Sec. 6. Jurisdiction of the city. — The jurisdiction of the City of Lipa for police purposes shall be co-extensive with its territorial jurisdiction, and for the purpose of protecting and insuring the purity of the water supply of the city, such police jurisdiction shall also extend over all territory within the drainage area of such water supply, or within one hundred meters of any reservoir, conduit, canal aqueduct or pumping station used in connection with the city water service.

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Approved: June 20, 1947

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Source: Chan and Robles Virtual Library
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