Photo of the Nasugbu Airstrip, 1945

Below, a picture of the Nasugbu Airstrip – alternatively known as the Nasugbu Landing Strip or the Nasugbu Airdrome – in 1945 soon after the liberation of the town from Japanese occupation by troops of the United States Eighth Army. The picture has been taken from the public domain book entitled “The Angels: a History of the 11th Airborne Division, 1943-1946.”
Nasugbu Airstrip
The Nasugbu Airstrip after the town's liberation from Japanese occupation.
The book was written by Maj. Edward M. Flanagan Jr. and published in 1948. The photograph above was captioned in the book as “The Nasugbu strip, built by the 127th Engineering Battalion in short order.”

In truth, however, the airstrip existed even before the outbreak of World War II. The engineering battalion must have improved the airstrip to receive American planes, since after the landing of United States Army troops on the beaches of Nasugbu on 31 January 1945, a command post also had to be established in the town.

The picture has been processed using graphics editing software to improve quality and then colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.
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