Woman Bleaching Clothes on the Shores of Taal Lake, 1933

The photo below was originally given the caption/title “Batangas province (Philippines), Lavendera bleaching clothes on Taal Lake.” Of course, what the caption really meant was “lavandera” or washerwoman, and that the clothes were being bleached along the shores of Taal Lake in one of the many lakeside towns in the province. The picture has been downloaded from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee Digital Library.

To improve the quality of the photograph, it has been processed using graphics editing software to lighten dark areas and improve overall sharpness. Rights to the picture above belong to the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System but it has been made available by UWM for educational and non–commercial use. The original photograph is available here.

The picture was taken by the photographer Robert Larimore Pendleton in November of 1933.
A woman bleaching clothes on the shores of Taal Lake, 1933.
A woman bleaching clothes on the shores of Taal Lake, 1933.

Below is a colorized version of the same picture courtesy of Algorithmia.
Woman bleaching clothes
A colorized version of the top photo.

Notes and references:
Image credit: University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Colorized version courtesy of Algorithmia.

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