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Miguel Malvar in Uniform

The Batangueño hero Miguel Malvar, born in barrio San Miguel in the then-ton of Santo Tomas, is remembered in history as the last Filipino general to surrender in the Philippine-American War. His surrender in April of 1902 for all intents and purposes put an end to the war. He was still willing to fight on, but his closest friends pleaded with him to capitulate since he and his army had been starved of provision by General J. Franklin Bell’s concentration camp policy in Batangas1.

The picture below, which is in the public domain2, shows Malvar in his soldier’s uniform. It was originally downloaded from Wikimedia Commons in low resolution (187 pixels by 278 pixels) but enlarged and processed using graphics editing software to improve quality for modern day browsers. The image was then colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.
Miguel Malvar in soldier's uniform.  Image source:  Unknown author, Wikimedia Commons, public domain.  Colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.
Miguel Malvar in soldier's uniform.  Image source:  Unknown author, Wikimedia Commons, public domain.  Colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.

The original photographer as well as the source of the image is registered as “unknown” by Wikimedia Commons. Below is the original black and white version.
Enlarged black and white version of the top image, originally downloaded in low resolution from Wikimedia Commons.

Notes and references:
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2File:Miguel Malvar.JPG,” Wikimedia Commons.

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