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Republic Act No. 9005 Creating the City of Tanauan

Tanauan became the Province of Batangas’ third city in 2001 when Republic Act 9005 was ratified. The city is classified as 2nd income class, with a total land area of 107.16 square kilometers and a 2015 population of 152,393. Below are the contents of the Republic Act that converted the erstwhile town of municipality into a charter city.

Historic Batangas Documents

Republic of the Philippines
Metro Manila

Eleventh Congress
Third Regular Session

Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-fourth day of July, two thousand.

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9005 February 02, 2001


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:


Section 1. Title. - This Act shall be known as the "Charter of the City of Tanauan."

Section 2. The City of Tanauan. - The Municipality of Tanauan shall be converted into a component city to be known as the City of Tanauan, hereinafter referred to as the City, which shall comprise the present territory of the Municipality of Tanauan, Batangas Province. The territorial jurisdiction of the City shall be within the present metes and bounds of the Municipality of Tanauan, as follows:

Bounded on the North by the Municipality of Calamba, Laguna along lines 1 to 7;

Bounded on the East by San Juan River adjoining the Municipality of Sto. Tomas along lines 7 to 15;

Bounded on the South by the Municipality of Malvar along lines 15 to 20; by the Municipality of Balete and Balete River along lines 20 to 21; and by the Lipa Bay along lines 21 to 24;

Bounded on the West by Taal Lake along lines 24 to 28; by the Municipality of Talisay along lines 28 to the point of beginning;

Beginning from BLLM No. 1 Cad 168 (Tanauan Cadastre) N 58 - 07 W, 13519.34 m. to point 1, thence;

1-2N 71 - 05E837.69 m.= MBM# 1
2-3N 83 - 55 E1971.69 m.= MBM# 2
3-4N 83 - 54 E927.57 m.= BBM # 1
4-5N 87 - 02 E1727.80 m.= MBM# 3
5-6S 71 - 58 E2169.61 m.= MBM# 4
6-7S 73 - 15 E1302.81 m.= MBM# B
7-8S 00 - 11 W1122.49 m.= MBM# 8
8-9S 13 - 55 W1153.81 m.= BBM# 10
9 - 10S 41 - 12 E1217.12 m.= MBM# 1
10 - 11S 58 - 54 E656.58 m.= BBM# 11
11 - 12S 12 - 19 W1289.92 m.=
12-13S 46 - 15 E1723.02 m.=
13 - 14S 41 - 50 E1696.41 m.= BBM# 30
14 - 15S 23 - 37 E2304.23 m.= BBM# 40
15 - 16S 67 - 50 W1290.69 m.= MBM# 7
16 - 17S 68 - 49 W1194.12 m.= MBM# 8
17 - 18S 63 - 45 W1738.05 m.= MBM# 9
18 - 19S 89 - 22 W1450.42 m.= MBM # 10
19 - 20S 69 - 52 W1664.11 m.=
20 - 21S 35 - 12 W2441.32 m.=
21 - 22S 88 - 50 W2252.85 m.= MBM # 11
22 - 23S 49 - 17 W858.60 m.=
23 - 24S 77 - 47 W212.76 m.=
24 - 25S 21 - 56 E857.07 m.=
25 - 26N 52 - 57 W638.80 m.=
26 - 27N 23 -24 E4324.44 m.=
27 - 28N 37 -52 W3916.13 m.= BBM # 49
28 - 29N 28 - 132266.05 m.= MBM # 12
29 - 30N 07 ├»¿½ 141514.11 m.= BBM # 20
30 - 31N 29 -401034.98 m.= MBM # 13
31 - 1N 27 -21 W2000.34 m= BBM # 21

Containing an area often thousand seven hundred sixteen hectares (10,716 has.) based on the approved Cadastral Survey of Tanauan, Batangas under Cad. 168.

The foregoing provision shall be without prejudice to the resolution by the appropriate agency or forum of existing boundary disputes or cases involving questions of territorial jurisdiction between the City of Tanauan and the adjoining local government units.

Section 3. Corporate Powers of the City. - The City constitutes a political body corporate and as such is endowed with the attributes of perpetual succession and possessed of the powers which pertains to a municipal corporation to be exercised in conformity with the provision of this Charter. The City shall have the following corporate powers:

(a)To have a continuous succession in its corporate name;

(b)To sue and be sued;

(c)To have and use a corporate seal;

(d)To acquire, hold and convey real or personal property;

(e)To enter into any contracts and/or agreements; and

(f)To exercise such other powers, prerogatives or authority subject to the limitations provided in this Act or laws.

Section 4. General Powers. - The City shall have a common seal and may alter the same at pleasure. It shall exercise the powers to levy taxes; to close and open roads, streets, alleys, parks or squares; to take, purchase, receive, hold, lease, convey and dispose of real and personal property for the general interests of the City; to expropriate or condemn private property for public use; to contract and be contracted with, to sue and be sued; to prosecute and defend to final judgment and execution suits wherein the City is involved or interested in and to exercise all the powers as are granted to corporations or as hereinafter granted.

Section 5. Liability for Damages. - The City and its officials shall not be exempt from liability for death or injury to persons or damage to property.

Section 6. Jurisdiction of the City. - The jurisdiction of the City of Tanauan, for police purposes only, shall be coextensive with its territorial jurisdiction and for the purpose of protecting and ensuring the purity of the water supply of the City, such police jurisdiction shall also extend over all the territory within the drainage area of such water supply, or within one hundred meters (100 m.) of any reservoir, conduit, canal, aqueduct or pumping station used in connection with the city water service.

The regional trial courts and the city courts of the City of Tanauan shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the regional trial courts and the metropolitan trial courts or city or municipal trial courts of the adjoining municipalities to try crimes and misdemeanor committed within the said drainage area, or within said space of one hundred meters (100 m.). The court first taking jurisdiction of such offense shall thereafter retain exclusive jurisdiction thereof. But any license that may be issued within said zone, area or space shall be granted by the proper authorities of the city or municipality concerned, and the fees arising therefrom shall accrue to the treasury of the said city or municipality.


Section 7. The Officials of the City of Tanauan. -

(a)There shall be in the City: a city mayor, a city vice mayor, sangguniang panlungsod members, a secretary to the sangguniang panlungsod, a city treasurer and an assistant city treasurer, a city assessor and an assistant city assessor, a city accountant, a city budget officer, a city planning and development coordinator, a city engineer, a city health officer, a city civil registrar, a city administrator, a city legal officer, a city social welfare and development officer, a city veterinarian, a city general services officer, a city agriculturist, a city cooperatives officer, and an environment and natural resources officer;

(b)In addition thereto, the city mayor may appoint a city architect, a city information officer, and a city population officer;

(c)The City shall establish a city fire station to be headed by a city fire marshal, a city jail to be headed by a city jail warden, a city school division to be headed by a city school division superintendent, and a city prosecution service to be headed by a city prosecutor; and

(d)The City may:

(1)Maintain existing offices not mentioned in subsections (a) and (b) hereof;

(2)Create such other offices as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of the city government; or

(3)Consolidate the functions of any office with those of another in the interest of efficiency and economy.

Unless otherwise provided herein, heads of departments and offices shall be appointed by the city mayor with the concurrence of the majority of all the sangguniang panlungsod members, subject to civil service law, rules and regulations. The sangguniang panlungsod shall act on the appointment within fifteen (15) days from the day of its submission, otherwise the same shall be deemed confirmed.

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