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February 3, 2018

Executive Order No. 37 Series of 1913 Revoking Earlier Reservation of Land in Botong, Taal for School Purposes

In 1912, a parcel of land was reserved by the American Colonial Government for school use by way of Executive Order No. 97, signed by Newton W. Gilbert, then Acting Governor General of the Philippines. Subsequent petitions were filed by private parties laying claims to the lands reserved which were investigated and found to be valid.

As such, the colonial government issued Executive Order No. 371 series of 1913 revoking the earlier decision. The contents of the order are provided below, as well as scans of the original historic document further down this page.


BAGUIO, May 20, 1913.

No. 37.

Whereas, by Executive Order Numbered Ninety-seven dated December eighteenth, nineteen hundred and twelve, certain lands situated in the barrio of Botong, municipality of Taal, Province of Batangas, were, as a part of the public domain, withdrawn from sale and settlement and reserved for school purposes; and

Whereas, various petitions have been received relative to private claims to the said lands which claims have been investigated and found to be well based; and

Whereas, reasonable doubt now exists as to Whether the lands described in the above mentioned Executive Order actually comprise a part of the public domain and it is deemed unwise to further carry out the reservation in question, the same not yet having been completed;

Now, therefore, Executive Order Numbered Ninety-seven and dated December eighteenth, nineteen hundred and twelve, is hereby revoked, and all orders and instructions promulgated thereunder are hereby made void and of no effect in the same manner as if the same had not been issued.

Below are scans of the historic document in both English and Spanish:
Executive Order No. 37 series of 1913, English version.
Executive order No. 37 series of 1913, Spanish version.
Executive order No. 37 series of 1913, Spanish version.
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Notes and references:
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