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February 1, 2018

1908 Proclamation Calling for a Special Election to Elect a Municipal President for Bauan

In the November 1907 local Philippine elections, one Antonio Loualhati1 became the duly elected municipal president2 as certified by the municipal board of canvassers. Loualhati, however, happened to have “incurable ill health” and informed the office of the Governor-General that he had to decline the office of the municipal president.

Thus, by way of an unnumbered proclamation dated 22 January 1908, then Governor-General James F. Smith ordered the holding of a special election in the town of Bauan to elect his replacement. The contents of the proclamation are provided below, along with scans of the historic document farther down this page:


Whereas, at the election held on November fifth, nineteen hundred and seven, in the municipality of Bauan, Province of Baangas, Antonio Loualhati received a plurality of the votes legally cast and was certified by the municipal board of canvassers to have been elected municipal president of said municipality; and

When the said Antonio Loualhati has notified the Governor-General and the municipal council of Bauan that he declines the office of municipal president of Bauan on the ground that he is suffering from incurable ill health; and

Whereas the Governor-General deems the reasons given by Antonio Loualhati sufficient to warrant his declination of the office of the municipal president of said municipality, and it appearing that there is no officer elect to assume said office:

Now, therefore, I, James F. Smith, Governor-General of the Philippine Islands, in pursuance of section four of Act Numbered fifteen hundred and eighty-two, do hereby call a special election to be held on Tuesday, April twenty-first, nineteen hundred and eight, in the municipality of Bauan, Province of Batangas, for the purpose of electing a municipal president of said municipality. The successful candidate at this election will take office immediately after he has been declared elected by the proper board of canvassers.

In witness wlicreof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Government of the Philippine Islands to be affixed.

Done at the city of Manila this twenty-second day of January, nineteen hundred and eight. (108609—a23)



Below are scans of the historic document in both English and Spanish:
1908 proclamation setting special election in Bauan, English version.
1908 proclamation setting special election in Bauan, English version.
1908 proclamation setting special election in Bauan, Spanish version.
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Notes and references:
1 The contemporary spelling will likely be Lualhati.
2Municipal President” in the present day will be the town or city mayor. Wikipedia.

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