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Catandala, Ibaan, Batangas: Historical Data

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Historical data from the National Library of the Philippines.

Full transcription of the so-called “Historical Data” for the barrio of Catandala in the Municipality of Ibaan, Batangas, the original scanned documents at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections not having OCR or optical character recognition properties. This transcription has been edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation where possible. The original pagination is provided for citation purposes.

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District of San Jose


1. Present official name of the barrio – CATANDALA

2. Popular name of the barrio, present and past; derivation and meanings of these names. Names of sitios included within the territorial jurisdiction of the barrio.

During the past years, the road to this barrio was very poor. They found hardships before they could reach the barrio especially when they crossed the Malaking Ilog River. In crossing this river, they needed to ascend and descend a long way. They felt so tired that they always told the others that to reach this place was “nakakadala.” From that time on, the people called this place Catandala.

3. Date of establishment – NOT KNOWN

4. Original families –
Cabesang Repollo’s and Piñero families.
5. List of tenientes from the earliest time to date.
Domingo Repollo
Toribio Piñero
Anastacio Torralba
Valeriano Humarang
Emilio Bicol
Anacleto Marasigan
Andres Mercado
Melchor Semira
Gregorio Panganiban
Igmedio Maligalig - at present

6. Story of old barrios or sitios within the jurisdiction that are now depopulated or extinct.


7. Data on historical sites, structures, buildings, old ruins, etc.


8. Important facts, incidents and events that took place:

a. Spanish Occupation – None

b. During the American Occupation to World War II

People from the neighboring towns of Ibaan, Lipa, Batangas, came to this place.

9. Destruction of lives, properties and institutions during wars, especially in 1896-1900 and 1941-1945.

Measures and accomplishments toward rehabilitation and reconstruction following World War II

10. Traditions, customs and practices in domestic and social life, birth, baptism, courtship, marriage, death, burial, etc.

Birth – If the offspring of a mother is a boy, the father got much pride from it unlike that of a girl.

A pregnant mother must not travel often.

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Baptism: The old members of the family decided the godfather or godmother of a child in case he is the first offspring of the family.

Relatives, friends, etc. come to attend the baptismal party.

Courtship –

The young gentleman cannot talk to the young lady. He asked the help of her parents. Getting water, feeding animals, pounding rice, etc. are the only means to help them in the home.

The head of the family is the one to decide the marriage of his daughter.

Marriage occurs after harvest, usually on the months of Oct., Dec., Jan., April and May.

Death and burial:

Nearest relatives mourn for the dead.

Candles are lighted for the departed soul.

Novena for nine days after burial of the person.


The celebration falls on May.

Folk dances, dramas, music, balagtasan are done.

Visitors entertained in the homes of the barrio folks.

11. Myths, legends, beliefs, superstitions –

a. Sweeping the home of the newly dead person brings bad luck to the home of the family.

b. If a cat washes his face, for sure, there will be a visitor to come soon.

c. The position of the moon at night has something to do with the delivery of the woman.

12. Popular songs, games amusements

Songs – Anuncio, Ang Kalapati, Magandang Pag-asa

Games – Pico, Hawk and chicks, Day and night

Amusements – Fishing in the Malaking Ilog River

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Notes and references:
Transcribed from “History and Cultural Life of the Barrio (Catandala)” 1953, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.
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