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Quilo, Ibaan, Batangas: Historical Data

Full transcription of the so-called “Historical Data” for the barrio of Quilo in the Municipality of Ibaan, Batangas, the original scanned documents at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections not having OCR or optical character recognition properties. This transcription has been edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation where possible. The original pagination is provided for citation purposes.

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Historical Data


1. Present official name – Quilo

2. Popular name of the barrio-
Past name – Molino
Present – Quilo

The name Molino was derived from a sugar mill.

The name Quilo was taken from a crooked path through which the people passed and because of a crooked tree.

3. Date of establishment – 1904

4. Original families – Perez, Magnaye,Purino, Arceo, Atienza, Soriano

5. List of tenientes from the earliest time to date:

Pedro Soriano – 1904-1913
Fermin Arceo – 1913-1926
Anastacio Magnaye – 1926-1938
Jacinto Perez – 1938-present

6. This barrio was newly separated from another barrio, so that no story of old barrios within the jurisdiction could be found.

7. Data on old ruins – The sugar mill which was run by water was destroyed due to the typhoon that occurred in 1926.

8. Important facts, incidents or events that took place:

a. During the American regime, people were gathered in a definite place, the purpose of which was to screen every person.
b. The economic development of the barrio was started by Fermin Arceo who constructed a dam to run his sugar mill.
c. During the Japanese occupation, persons were forced to work by digging tunnels for the Japanese soldiers.

9. This barrio is somewhat secluded so that there was no destruction of lives and properties during the World War II.


Same as others.

Notes and references:
Transcribed from “History and Cultural Life of the Barrio Quilo” 1953, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.

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