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Talon, Tuy, Batangas: Historical Data

Full transcription of the so-called “Historical Data” for the barrio of Talon in the Municipality of Tuy, Batangas, the original scanned documents at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections not having OCR or optical character recognition properties. This transcription has been edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation where possible. The original pagination is provided for citation purposes.
Historical Data
[Note to the reader.]

Batangas History wishes to advise the reader/researcher that may be inevitable errors in the transcription of the documents for the poblacion as well as barrios of the Municipality of Tuy because the original documents were either typed using poor typewriter ribbons or poorly scanned. Many of the pages, therefore, were very difficult to read.

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In the sugarcane fields of western Batangas lies a small highland barrio named Talon. The population is largely made up of people who originally came from Lumbangan, her sister barrio. They raised rice, corn and sugarcane for their food and export. The barrio is hilly.

“Talon,” meaning to fall, the native name came from the 6-foot falls at the Kaytitinga River which separates the barrio from Lumbangan. It is only two kilometers from Tuy.

Old folks used to tell that, once upon a time, the falls were a famous place for picnickers. The people from Lumbangan used to bathe and to wash their clothes below the falls. Today, you cannot see the famous falls anymore because it has been washed away.

When the town of Tuy was established in 1911 and was divided into barrios, the inhabitants of this hilly place selected the word “Talon” as the name of their barrio, deriving it from the falls.

The families of the Consigo, Beltran, Andino and Gaa were the first settlers. Up to the present, the children of these clans are to be found in the place.

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Upon the establishment of the town of Tuy, a barrio lieutenant was designated to head its inhabitants. The barrio folks were headed by the following:

Mr. Vicente Beltran – 1911 to 1912
Mr. Luis Consigo – 1915 to 1927
Mr. Julian Andino – 1927 to date

Notes and references:
Transcribed from “History and Cultural Data of the Barrio of Talon,” 1953, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.

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