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March 30, 2020

VIDEO: General Walter Krueger of the US Sixth Army Visiting Lipa Airstrip, 1945

A pass in review at the Lipa Airstrip in 1945.
A pass in review at the Lipa Airstrip in 1945.
Sometime in June, 1945, a pass in review was held at the Lipa Airstrip in Batangas in honor of General Joseph Stillwell, famous in World War II because of his part in the Burma campaign.

The video featured in this post was probably taken during that occasion was, although the attention was on Walter Krueger, Commanding General of the United States Sixth Army, which was responsible for the liberation of the island of Luzon from Japanese control.

Apart from the pass in review, medals were also awarded along with demonstrations of gliders and parachute exhibitions by the 11th Airborne.

At this time, most of Luzon had been reclaimed by the Allied Forces, except for some pockets up in the north of the island where the Japanese had retreated. Thus, Krueger’s presence was also for the planning of a jump to reclaim the Aparri Airfield, an operation that would subsequently be staged from Lipa using gliders and paratroopers.

There was another pass in review held on the 19th also of June, this time in honor of Lt. General Oscar Griswold, Commander of the XIV Corps of the United States Army.

This video was originally downloaded from the United States National Archives and made available for use by researchers, students and the general public in Batangas.

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