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Chronological Account of Combat Action by Gagalac Guerrillas after Nasugbu Landing

The Gagalac Guerrilla Group was one of the groups operating in Batangas that was given official recognition by the United States Army after World War II. In this undated document1, which is an enclosure or attachment to the unit’s request for official recognition and is also related to a likewise transcribed history of the group, snippets of combat action conducted by the group after the Nasugbu Landing of 31 January 1945 are provided in chronological order. The document is edited here in and there for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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Guerrilla Files


5 Feb. 1945

a. Fought the Japs at Dacanlao. Two (2) horses captured.
b. Bayuyungan detachment drove the Japanese from the barrio. Three (3) Japanese soldiers killed; the rest fled.

6 Feb. 1945

a. Cleared barrio of Dacanlao of Japs. Five (5) Japanese soldiers killed; seven (7) enemy rifles and fully-packed equipment captured.

7 Feb. 1945

a. Attacked Japanese patrol near the barrio of Balimbing. All eight (8) were killed.
b. Japanese soldiers riding on three bancas on their way to join their troops at Calatagan were intercepted near the barrio of Balanga. Civilian captives rescued by our soldiers said that all Japs jumped into the sea.

8 Feb. 1945

a. Patrolled Calaca area.

9 Feb. 1945

a. Patrolled the area from Mayasang to Balimbing.
b. Drove the Japanese soldiers west of Mayasang; one (1) Jap soldier killed. Rice, ammunition, and hand grenades were captured.

10 Feb. 1945

a. Members of the Boso-boso detachment killed a Jap soldier in the barrio of Pantay.
b. Our patrol at Balimbing contacted American soldiers at Calicanto.

11 Feb. 1945

a. American soldiers working with our Unit shelled the ravine between Banabahan and Matipok.

12 Feb. 1945

a. Japanese soldiers attempting to join their forces at Cuenca by raft were killed by members of our Boso-boso detachment.
b. Our patrol in the barrio of Payapa chased and killed two (2) Japanese soldiers in the barrio of Alasas.
c. Japanese soldiers preparing defense work in the barrio of Bucal were driven off by the members of our Bayuyungan detachment.

13 Feb. 1945

a. Our Unit engaged the Japs in the barrio of Madalunot. The enemies retreated after killing a civilian.

15 Feb. 1945

a. We launched an offensive in Calaca and Casuyan. Four (4) Japs were killed.

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18 Feb. 1945

a. We started operation at Himalas.

20 Feb 1945

a. Himalas campaign continued. We advanced and were only three hundred (300) yards of the Japanese tunnel.

21 Feb. 1945

a. Fought with the Japanese Foltero, one (1) Japanese soldier killed.

22 Feb. 1945

a. Military occupation of the municipality of Calaca by the Unit.

6 Mar. 1945

a. Our soldiers at the Sinisian Headquarters helped in the liberation of Balayan and joined the campaign up to Lemery.
b. Our “A” Company was attached to the 2nd Battalion 188th Para-Gliders, 11th Airborne Division.
c. The rest of the Unit continued patrol work as usual.

8 Mar. 1945

a. Skirmish with Japanese stragglers in barrio Paliparan, Silang, Cavite; two (2) Japanese soldiers killed.

1 May 1945

a. Ambushed Japanese at barrio Bayabasan, Nasugbu; fifty (50) Japanese soldiers killed; seventeen (17) rifles, two (2) boxes of grenade and two (2) knee mortars captured.

28 July 1945

a. Accounted for following at encounter at barrio Malusak, Tuy: 29 Japanese soldiers killed; 1 50-caliber machine gun; 1 31-cal. Machine gun; 2 25-cal. Light machine gun; 1 30-cal. automatic rifle; and 29 30-cal. Arisaka rifles.

9 Aug. 1945

a. Mopping up operations at Mt. Batulao; 27 Japs killed, 27 rifles and 2 swords captured.

1-2 Oct. 1945

a. Pvt Martimiano de Villa, killed, and Pvt Leodegario Manalo, wounded in action at encounter with Jap stragglers at barrio Mayasang.



Notes and references:
1 File Number 278, United States National Archives, downloaded from page Gagalac Guerrilla Unit, Philippine Veteran Association Office.
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