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January 6, 2018

Reply to Request for Reconsideration for the Recognition of the Gagalac Guerrillas, Oct 46

The Gagalac Guerrilla Group was one of the groups operating in Batangas that was given official recognition by the United States Army after World War II. In this October 1946 document1, Lt. Col. R. P. Moore of the Adjutant General’s Office of the Philippine-Ryukyus Command wrote to Filomeno Gagalac, Commander of the Gagalac Guerrilla Unit to inform the latter that his request for reconsideration for the recognition of his guerrilla group was being accepted by the United States Army.

[p. 1]

APO 707


15 OCT 46

Mr. Filomeno E. Gagalac
Lemery, Batangas

Dear Mr. Gagalac:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 2 October 1946 and hand carried to this office by Lt Col Malabanan in which you request reconsideration of the unfavorable decision rendered by this headquarters on 15 June 1946 with regards to recognition of the Gagalac Unit.

It is the desire of this headquarters to avoid all appearance of arbitrary and unjust decisions in the case of claimant guerrilla units. Your request for reconsideration is therefore accepted. It must be emphasized, however, that it would be extremely helpful if you were to forward such additional, pertinent documentary evidence as has not been submitted previously and which, you feel, reflects favorably upon your claim. These additional data should be original documents, or photostatic copies of the original documents, or true copies of the original documents certified to by United States Army officers of field grade on duty with the Guerrilla Affairs Branch, G-3 Section, this headquarters.

Your request for reconsideration will be placed in the appropriate file in this headquarters to await action at the earliest time at which it is practicable to investigate. You must appreciate that hundreds of claimant guerrilla units are being investigated presently, and that reinvestigation and reconsideration of units must necessarily follow them. It is, therefore, suggested that you defer further inquiry into the status of your reconsideration for at least four months from the date of receipt of this letter, inasmuch as frequent inquiries are neither necessary nor desirable because of the time consumed in superfluous correspondence.

Sincerely yours,

Lt. Col., AGD
Ass’t Adj Gen

[p. 2]

Lt. Col. Hugh L. Carnahan:

Request of Filomeno Gagalac, Lemery, Batangas, dated 2 October 1946, for the reconsideration of the unfavorable decision rendered by this headquarters on 15 June 1946 with regards to recognition of the Gagalac Unit. Request was hand-carried to this office by Lt Col Malabanan.

1. Request for reconsideration accepted, however, it would be extremely helpful if you forwarded additional, pertinent documentary evidence not previously submitted to reflect favorably on your claim.

2. Upon receipt of this information, request will be placed in pending files of this headquarters. Suggestion made to defer all inquiries for four months.

Maj Douglas C Murray

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Notes and references:
1 File Number 278, United States National Archives, downloaded from page Gagalac Guerrilla Unit, Philippine Veteran Association Office.

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