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Letter from Jay Vanderpool re Rainbow Regiment, with Recommendation Oct 47

The Rainbow Regiment was a guerrilla organization founded by patriotic citizens from western Batangas. To learn more about the group, please refer to this article on Batangas History, Culture and Folklore. In this document1, Lt. Col. Jay D. Vanderpool forwarded with recommendations a letter from Col. Mariano Cabarrubia of the Rainbow Regiment to the Chief of Claims Service of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command.

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2303 Fortieth Street, N. W.
Washington, D.C.
9 October 1947

TO: The Commanding General
Philippine Ryukyus Command
APO 707

Attention: Chief of Claims Service

Subject: Rainbow Regiment, Malakas Division (AUSA)

1. Enclosed herewith, a letter from Colonel Mariano R. Cabarrubia, former Commander of the Rainbow Regiment, Malakas Division (AUSA). Colonel Cabarrubia has requested that I certify to the accuracy of his report of the activities or the Rainbow Regiment in support of the United States forces during the liberation of the Philippines.

2. I am not in a position to verify the accuracy of his report of the activities of the Rainbow Regiment during the period prior to the landing operations of the Eleventh Airborne Division at Nasugbu, Batangas, on 31 January 1945, as I have no personal knowledge.

3. Reference Colonel Cabarrubia’s report of his work after 31 January 1945, I can certify that the report is correct to the best of my knowledge and memory. I have indicated by marginal notes my comments on his statements. (See Enclosure #2 to Colonel Cabarrubia’s letter.) You will note that I have agreed with Colonel Cabarrubia’s statements except for certain figures of enemy and friendly casualties. These numbers I cannot verify, but they appear to be accurate to the best of memory.

4. Colonel Cabarrubia and the Rainbow Regiment did a fine job in supporting the 11th Airborne Division, and I recommend that he and his organization be given such recompense as may be due a guerrilla organization which rendered excellent support to the United States forces.

s/ Jay D. Vanderpool
Lieut. Col. GSC


Chief, Statistics Branch
Records and Fiscal Division

Notes and references:
1 Box 258, Entry 1094, Philippine Archive Collection, Record Groupo 407, United States National Archives, downloaded from Philippine Veteran Association Office.

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