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Memo on Guerrilla Replacements in View of Processing for Recognition, July 1945

The Fil-American Irregular Troops or FAIT was a guerrilla organization founded in 1942 by the retired American Colonel Hugh Straughn, who would unfortunately be captured and executed by the Japanese. The FAIT had many units operating in Batangas, including Nasugbu, where its 1st Regiment would be attached to the 11th Airborne Division of the United States Army after the Nasugbu Landing of 31 January 1945. In this July 1945 document1, one Lt. Col. James H. Farren of the United States Army in a memo advised the Philippine Army of the changes in guerrillas for processing because of the need to make replacements for various reasons..

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7 July 1945


: Replacement in Guerrilla Battalion.

: Processing Officer, Philippine Army

1. The Nasugbu Fil-American Battalion, composed of a Battalion Staff, Headquarters Company, and Companies “A,” “B,” and “C,” have been attached to the 152nd AB AA BN, 11th Airborne Division since February 22, 1945.

2. During the period from Feb. 22, 1945 and July 1, 1945, several guerrillas dropped from the Battalion for various reasons and replacements were necessary to fill their vacancies. Roster change showing replacements by company is hereby forwarded for your consideration.

3. It is recommended that the date of attachment of all replacements be made as of being assigned on June 1, 1945. This date can be used as date purposes if so authorized. In fairness to all and to keep the record in order, these replacements should be accepted.

4. Attached is list of replacements as assigned to my Battalion as of June 1, 1945.

Lt Col 152nd AB AA Bn

I hereby certify that the foregoing statement is a true copy from the record.

Lt Col (Grla)
Commanding Infantry

[Handwritten footnote below.]

Maj. L. Desacola is included in the above stated Bn. processed as Bn. Ex. O.

[Initials] JMV

Notes and references:
1 “1st Regiment, Nasugbu, Fait” File No. 110-52, downloaded from PVAO.

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