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Letter of Instruction from Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool to Luis Licopa, December 1944

The Licopa Guerrilla Unit was a guerrilla outfit under the command of one Luis Licopa and operated out of Lemery, Batangas. In this December 1944 document, Major Jay D. Vanderpool, sent by the Southwestern Pacific Area (SWPA) Command of the United States Army to the Philippines to act as liaison with guerrilla groups in Luzon, wrote to Luis Licopa informing him of his arrival in Luzon as well asking him to accomplish a survey for all guerrilla leaders.

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14 December 1944

: Letter of Instruction
: Mr. Lacopa [Licopa], Subic, Lemery Guerrilla Unit
   (Through the C.O. 49th Regt. Hunters)
1. This letter will serve to notify all known loyal Guerrilla organizations that the undersigned has arrived in the western part of Central Luzon from General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area for the purpose of coordinating the activities of loyal guerrilla organizations and acting as a liaison officer between the loyal Filipino people and General MacArthur.

2. The undersigned desires to establish contact with leaders of all Guerrilla units and with civilian organizations desiring to cooperate with the incoming forces of General MacArthur.

3. It is desired that all commanders of all loyal units receiving this communication accomplish the questionnaire, attached, and forward the same to the Headquarters of the Hunters or ROTC Guerrillas. The undersigned has established a temporary headquarters at this location. This information is necessary in order that an estimate may be made of the capabilities of the various loyal organizations. The information contained in the report will be consolidated and forwarded to GHQ, SWPA.

4. The undersigned desires to personally meet the leaders of the major organizations. A meeting is contemplated in the near future at a place to be designated. Unit commanders to attend will be notified as to the time and place by a liaison officer from Hunters Guerrillas.

Major, General Staff Corps, U.S.A.
Liaison Officer, GHQ, SWPA

Notes and references:
1 File Number 50, Licopa Unit (GLINT), downloaded from Philippine Veteran Association Office.

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