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Major Kramer’s Personal Information on the Licopa Guerrillas, Sept 45

The Licopa Guerrilla Unit was a guerrilla outfit under the command of one Luis Licopa and operated out of Lemery, Batangas. In this document1, Major Robert Kramer, who had escaped after the fall of Bataan and went into hiding in Batangas under the care of local guerrillas, provided information gained from personal knowledge of the Licopa Guerrilila Unit. This document was in support of the unit’s quest for recognition by the United States Army.

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27 September 1945


1. With reference to the Licopa Unit (Glint), the following information is submitted:

a. A review of the organizational report of the above-mentioned unit dated 20 March 1945 was made and paragraph two noted to be correct except for the date. This date should be changed to January 1944.

b. I first came in contact with Luis Licopa during the month of June 1942 at which time he stated his desire to form a guerrilla unit. From that time until January 1944, I was in constant contact with him, acting mainly in an advisory capacity. In January 1944, I left Batangas and proceeded to Mindoro. Liaison with Licopa was broken at my departure and never reinstated again.

c. The Gagalac Unit and Licopa Unit were at first one, later to become two separate units, with Filomeno Gagalac as leader for the former and Luis Licopa of the latter.

d. This unit, Licopa Unit, was instrumental in maintaining loyalty to the Philippine Commonwealth and to the United States during the Japanese occupation. In addition, intelligence work was carried on under the supervision of Lt. Commander Rowe.

e. The work done by this unit is highly commendable. Hardships and privations were undergone in order to achieve the mission that was set for it.

s/ Robert S. Kramer
Major, C. E.

Certified True Copy:

2nd Lt., FA

Notes and references:
1 File Number 50, Licopa Unit (GLINT), downloaded from Philippine Veteran Association Office.

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