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January 6, 2018

Memo to Guerrilla Affairs Re Revision of Recognition Date for Licopa Guerrillas

The Licopa Guerrilla Unit was a guerrilla outfit under the command of one Luis Licopa and operated out of Lemery, Batangas. In this document1, General George Shea forwarded communications to the Guerrilla Affairs Division of the United States Army with information about the revision of recognition dates for the Licopa Guerrilla Unit.

[p. 1]

Tel U 561

Revision of Recognition Date for
Licopa Unit (Glint)

22 April 1947

G-3, Grla Affairs Div

AG (Rec Pers Division)

1. Forwarded herewith is a copy of a letter, this headquarters, dated 20 July 1946, to the Chief of Staff, Philippine Army, revising the recognition date of the Licopa Unit (Glint), with three (3) copies of the approved unit roster, consisting of 61 individuals.

2. It is understood that information copy of this letter never reached your division and that personnel of subject unit have therefore never been paid.

3. In view of the fact that that there may be other units which have had their recognition dates revised by this division, without information copies of personnel letters having reached your division, it is requested that the following list of units be studied with regard to receipt of such information copies. This list contains all the units on which favorable action has been taken up to 15 April 1947.

Unit Strength
Licopa Unit (Glint)
Aglao Mountain Troops
Cebu Area Command
10th Military District
USAPIF, Northern Luzon
Regtl Hq, 14th Infantry
Nacoco Int Unit

[p. 2]
Unit Strength
* USPIF Grla Hq (Kalayaan Comd)
Camarines Sur
* Straughn Division
Golden Bn Blue Eagle Rgt,
AUSA, or Malakas Div
II Corps, PQOG
* Hq, 1st Regt, II Corps, PCOG
* Patnanungan Grla Forces
* Pioneer Balayan Town Grlas


* Originally recognized with earliest date of recognition prior to 9 January 1945 and carried as favorably considered for revision of dates. Subsequent letters were forwarded denying further revision but for administrative reasons, they are still carried as revised units.

Brig Gen, GSC

2 Incls
1 – Ltr, dtd 20 Jul 46
2 – Roster, “Licopa Unit (Glint),” (In Trip)

Col Gerald F Lillard:

Present communication, self-explanatory.

Maj Douglas C Murray

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Notes and references:
1 File Number 50, Licopa Unit (GLINT), downloaded from Philippine Veteran Association Office.

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