Affidavit of Pedro Pasia on the Activities of the Geronimo Guerrilla Group, March 47 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Affidavit of Pedro Pasia on the Activities of the Geronimo Guerrilla Group, March 47 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Affidavit of Pedro Pasia on the Activities of the Geronimo Guerrilla Group, March 47

The Geronimo Division was a guerrilla outfit operating out of the then-town of Lipa. Its request for official recognition was subsequently denied by the United States Army. In this document1, one Pedro Pasia of the Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) attests to the activities of the Geronimo Guerrilla Group in Batangas in World War II. The document is edited here and there by Batangas History, Culture and Folklore for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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Guerrilla Files


I, PEDRO PASIA, of legal age, married, and now residing at Cuenca, Batangas, after being duly sworn to in accordance with law, deposes and says:

That I personally know Vicente Virrey, Margarito Lumas, Melecio Gonzales, Gregorio Lardizabal, Celerino Tolentino, Vicente Mendoza, Apolonio Castillo, Apolonio Castillo, Severino Mandigma, Justiniano Lojo, Abelardo Dimaano, Enrique Lacdao, Isidro Lanip, Isidoro Laygo, and Saturnino Caraig, AS active members of the resistance unit known as 4th Bn., 143rd Inf., Gen. Geronimo Division, MMD, ECLGA, Batangas Unit;

That the guerrilla unit mentioned in the preceding paragraph hereof, was under the command of the late Lt. Col. Ceferino Melo, and operated in the various sectors of Batangas Province, having rendered valuable and meritorious services for the promotion of the resistance movement;

That I am aware of the activities undertaken by the abovementioned guerrilla outfit in the dissemination and effective prosecution of anti-Japanese propaganda in order to preserve and maintain the morale of the people and to keep aflame their faith in the noble and patriotic objectives of the resistance movement and the ultimate victory of the Allied Nations;

That I am also aware of the effective participation which the members of the said outfit had taken in curbing the brigandage, robberies, rapes, and other abuses committed by lawless elements which were rampant during the time. Said outfit had likewise contributed much in counter-espionage, and sabotage work;

That I am further aware of the fact that during the liberation campaign, the members of the guerrilla outfit heretofore mentioned had fought side by side with the American liberation forces in the Province of Batangas and that on several occasions, they had encounters with the Japs in conjunction with my men in the mopping up operations launched against the Japanese in the different sectors in the Province of Batangas for the liquidation of the enemy;

That I have personal knowledge of the foregoing facts and that they are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, witness my hands this 25th of March 1947, in the Municipality of Cuenca, Province of Batangas, Philippines.

[Sgd.] Pedro Estolano
[Sgd.] Pedro Magpantay
[Sgd.] Pedro Pasia
Lt. Col. ASN-0-48337


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 25th day of March, 1947 in the Municipality of Cuenca, Batangas, affiant exhibiting to me his residence certificate No. A-3033588, issued at Cuenca, Batangas on Feb. 26, 1947.
Justice of the Peace
Ex-Officio Notary Public
Notes and references:
1 “4th Bn, General Geronimo’s Div, MMD, ECLGA,” File No. 308-91, downloaded from PVAO.
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