Certification on the Attachment of Nasugbu-FAIT Personnel to the 11th AB Division

The Fil-American Irregular Troops or FAIT was a guerrilla organization founded in 1942 by the retired American Colonel Hugh Straughn, who would unfortunately be captured and executed by the Japanese. The FAIT had many units operating in Batangas, including Nasugbu, where its 1st Regiment would be attached to the 11th Airborne Division of the United States Army after the Nasugbu Landing of 31 January 1945. In this undated document1, one Lt. Col. Joseph Pensack certified the attachment of Nasugbu-FAIT Commanding Officer Juan Villegas and some of his men to the 11th Airborne Division of the United States Army in January 1945.

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: Attachment, certification of Major Juan M. Villegas, C.O. 3rd Bn., Nasugbu Fil-American Guerrillas
: The Commanding General, Philrycom, Apo 707
(Attention: Guerrilla Affairs Branch)

1. This is to certify that Major Juan M. Villegas, Battalion Commander of the 3rd Bn., Nasugbu Fil-American Guerrillas, reported for duty with the 11th Airborne Division on 31 January 1945.

2. Said Major Villegas, with his Battalion consisting of 24 officers and 500 E.M. were assigned and attached with the Corps of Engineers, 11th Airborne Division, and assisted in the construction of bridges, watch tower for beach control, C. P.’s, Hospital, cemetery, evacuation camps, etc.

3. That Major Villegas and his Battalion were utilized also as the Service Battalion of [the] Nasugbu Fil-American Guerrilla Unit. Said Service Battalion was in charge of the distribution of clothing, supplies, arms and ammunition, food, etc. to the combat men fighting side by side with the 11th Airborne Division. The Service Battalion were just as well in the combat zone, having the same risk and also under military control as the combat men.

4. That Major Villegas and his Battalion served continuously and did an excellent job of the duties assigned to them.

5. That Major Villegas and his Battalion were removed from attachment from the 11th Airborne Division on 29 April 1945, on which date they returned to civilian life.

Lt. Col. CWS

Notes and references:
1 “1st Regiment, Nasugbu, Fait” File No. 110-52, downloaded from PVAO.

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