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Letter Denying Revision of Recognition Date for Tanauan Guerrillas, June 1947

The Tanauan Guerrilla Organization was formed in 1942 right after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor, but remained in active for long periods and concentrated in keeping peace and order in the town of Tanauan, Batangas. By March 1945, it was attached to the 11th Airborne Division of the United States Army and was active in the ambuscade of Japanese troops. In this 1947 document1, Thomas Brown of the Adjutant’s Office of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command of the United States Army informed Alejandro Santos of the Tanauan Guerrillas that the latter’s request for revision of the official recognition date was not favorably considered by the United States Army.

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GSCPU 091 PI/1227 APO 707
12 JUN 1947

2nd Lt Alejandro Santos
3rd MP Battalion
Philippine Scouts

Dear Sir:

The Commanding General has directed that you be informed that the Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops, a guerrilla unit under your nominal control, recognized by letter, Headquarters, AFWESPAC, dated on or about 14 February 1946, has not been favorably considered for revision of its present recognition date.

A thorough and detailed examination of the history of your unit, together with a careful analysis of all other available information of the military activities of your unit from its inception, scrutinized in relation to the overall resistance movement, has failed to justify sufficiently the establishment of a date of recognition other than that presently established.

This letter constitutes the final determination of an action upon the period of official recognition of the Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops.



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Col. Gerald F. Lillard:

1. The Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops, consisting of 139 members, recognized with a strength of 116 by letter, Headquarters, AFWESPAC, GSCPG, dated on or about 14 Feb 46, to Chief of Staff, Philippine Army, APO 501, subject: Recognition of Guerrilla Unit, have not been favorably considered for revision of present recognition dates.

2. The unit does not fulfill the requirements of the five basic points for recognition during the occupation.

3. No useful purpose will be served by further investigation of this unit.

4. Casualty claims were submitted individually and duly recognized.

[Sgd.] Lt B. Bromley Jr.
1. Concur: Major D. C. Murray
                     Chief, Revision Sec
2. Concur: Lt Col S J Palos
                      Chief, Unit Branch

Notes and references:
1 “Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops” File No. 255, downloaded from PVAO.

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